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Originally Posted by extremehunter007 View Post
2 years ago i was hunting with my Mossberg using remington copperSolid slugs..... and being used to the follow through with my .270, and i made a shot in between 2 trees, and hit her just a little slow, and got her in the gut. she ran maybe 5 yards, dropped, and went to get back up, and my buddy finished her off with a 220 grain -06 round shooting through about 30 yards of brush. shot for the shoulder, hit her in the head. i would post pictures of it, but id end up getting 400 pages of hate mail...it was....pretty bad.... i just prefer to hit the shoulder, releases more energy into the animal, and makes for a quicker bleed out, thus a faster kill. although i dropped a doe the same year at 340 yards and with the 130 gr. Nosler BT, she didnt just, move, nothing. she just fell over. Not even a death kick!
What you described here is nothing but a bad shot! Not a criticism, as we have all make them now and then for lots of different reasons. I don't understand your saying that a shoulder shot "releases more energy into the animal". The same mount of energy is released where ever the animal is hit - a bad shot is still a bad shot no matter how much energy is released. I will say that the shoulder shot has always been a favorite when hunting animals that can bite back (like bears, lions, etc.) as those shots will immobilize an animal, but on any other animal, they just aren't necessary and do waste a lot of meat. As for quick kills, every animal I have ever hit with the high lung shot hit the ground in its tracks very dead, and not an ounce of meat was lost. What more could you ask for?

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For a quick bleed out you'd have to hit heart, aorta, or lung(s), major artery. Double lung hit may be the best shot period. Even King Kong can't run without air.
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there's an old saying "they will run out of air before they run out of blood".
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Everyone has there personal preferance on what shot to take on deer or other animals. For me the neck shot is the quickest kill shot ive ever taken and ive done it on several occasions, to say the least the deer i have shot in the neck were dead before they hit the ground but the conditions have to be right for the hunting conditions for me anyways for example I have a farm I hunt that has a huge thick swamp that i love to hunt especially close to the rut. When im hunting there im already far in the woods and usally shoot for the neck because the farthest shot I get there is 40 yrds and im comfortable with taken that shot. As long as I can get them to stop with a low whistle (works almost every time) plus i dont want to track the deer in low lite with a chest shot.So basicallly being comfortable with your ability to hit where your aiming is a big factor when I take a neck shot. If the deer ur trying to shoot seems jittery dont think about a neck shot . For the behind the shoulder shot it too is a great shot but I like to be able to see where a deer runs off and how it reacted to being hit and in a thick swamp I just dont take the chance unless its my only option. But again its my preferance
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Broadside.. I like having the biggest chance of filling the tag. Though they seem to run without a heart for a long ways I do not mind the drag. And sometimes I get lucky and they run toward the truck.

Ive never attempted the neck shot before. All the deer I have tagged have been minus a heart and or lungs.

Im with HM thoughts on a double lunger being probably the best shot.
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My son had to chase his "trophy" buck about 75 to 80 yards after putting one right through the heart. We didn't realize he'd done that until bringing the buck back to the house and dressing it. There was a finger sized hole right through one of the ventricles. (Don't ask which one, cause I'd have to tell a lie and say I knew!)

Neck shot last season was done at about 55 yards. Stepped it off the next day just to guestimate the distance. Don't think I would try that again if it was any further out. Think I'll have to agree with the rest of the "experts" here and go for the double lung as the "best" shot with minimal damage to the meat. (less chasing, especially when hobbling about in a knee brace like I was doing at the time)
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Originally Posted by rdrader2002 View Post

. (less chasing, especially when hobbling about in a knee brace like I was doing at the time)

i hear that!

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Originally Posted by extremehunter007 View Post
I know how to hunt. As most everybody on this site does. but here is my question. do you prefer a behind the shoulder shot, shoulder shot, or a neck shot. i have ALWAYS shot the shoulder, allowing more energy of the bullet to impact the vitals.. but different people have different views on this subject.
to tell you the truth ive shot way to many deer and everyway possible
and ill tell you this if i have time and oppritunity i shoot them now rite between the eyes and ill give you a big tip skippy if you ever get a shot at a real big one and he only presents a shot at his hip ,drill him even with a bow at less thn 30
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I all due respect this is a post that no one should repeat. Come on this is not what we try to pass along as good hunting tips here. Trying to shoot game animals in the head (between the eyes) with archery equipment is down right stupid, disrespectfull of the animal and in my opinion unethical hunting practices. This type of activity would surely lead to many wounded animals. Even Robin Hood couldn't make that shot very often and unless shooting straight down the arrow would simply slice along the scull and cut only skin then bounce off. The more I write the more mad I'm getting so I'll stop here.
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i get in the middle of enough stuff so i'll let what hm said include my opinion.

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