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Cigarette Smoke?

So I invited my bro-in-law up for deer camp this year for firearm season for his first hunting experience. I hunt on private land which consists of 180 acres ( 3 60 acre stacks) with my father-in-law, a family friend, myself and now my bro-in-law. I only have 60 acres to myself with 2 different stand/blind locations set up on opposite side of the 60 acres. This summer when I was looking for a spot for my bro-in-law I was looking for alot of sign (which I found), alot of runs (which I found) so I set up a ladder stand and a pop up blind. His spot is only about 60 - 80 yrds from my ground blind that I will be hunting from early afternoon till dark. There is a ridge and 2 saddles between us so I can't see him nor is there a chance for any accidents since were pretty cut off from each other. The deer on my 60 acres come from all directions so I know we are not cutting one or the other off. So thinking about things last night and all of a sudden it hit me, my bro-in-law smokes like a chimney, didn't even think about that while setting up his site. How do deer react to the smell of cig smoke? I've spent all year working on scent control (buying the clothes, sprays, washing everything. staying away from the area. etc...) and I don't want that to all go to waste. I don't feel I have the right to ask him not to smoke, he wouldn't make it out there 30 mins w/o one. Mentioned something to him and my father-in-law at church this morning and my father-in-law said that cig smoke is a natural curiosty smell for whitetail, he also went on to say that every deer he's ever taken he had a ciggy hanging out his mouth. Should I be worried and should I risk going in there now and moving my ground blind and trashing the place 4.5 weeks before I will be hunting, Like said I haven't been to my sights since June and I would like to keep it that way. I want my bro-in-law to enjoy himself and have every oppurtunity to take a deer but I don't want to jeopordize all the work I've put in for almost a year now. Any thoughts?

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Whenever I invite someone to hunt with me, I lay down my "rules". The first one is no smokes or alcohol. Since you already have passed this point with your brother-in-law and mostly likey would have some sort of family incident if you asked him not to smoke, I would say leave everything just as it is for now. It sounds like he's far enough away not to effect your hunting especially if the wind blows the smoke away from you. The smoke might even help by driving the deer TO you. But under no circumstances should you drive with him when you go hunting. I'm one of those guys who thinks smoke will ruin your chances.
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Driving the deer to me I never thought of that. I will be driving seperate to camp (wife will be due w/ second kid around then) in case I have to leave early. Onehorse you bring up a second question, both my bro-in-law & father-in-law will be smoking in the cabin which I will be staying in, have you ever smelled your clothes after a night at a smokey bar or tavern, nasty!! I plan on leaving my hunting gear outside at night but I know smoke sticks to your hair & body if your around it enough. I won't have access to running water for a shower but is there any type of non-scented wipes or something that I can wipe off with before I put my gear on in the morning? I am in no position to make any requests or lay down any rules at camp since I'm still a rookie as well. This issue is of no concern to my father in law or the friend who owns the property since they hunt in basically a condo 40 ft in the air. I did lay down one though, bro-in-law hails from Kentucky and apparently they like there grass down there and not the kind you mow I told him none of that while hunting especially with guns around.

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Cool Marcus,Taxidermists

Marcus,Taxidermists have needles and they have tarhed. They can sew up bullet holes.It is much better for a taxidermist to have to sew up a big bullet hole that is would be for your hunting guide to have to bring you home in a couple of five gallon buckets.John Taylor addressed this very topic in his famous book African Cartridges and Rifles. Taylor was of the opinion that if a fellow had a rifle in .375 H H Magnum he had a one gun battery that could take any game on earth. However things have changed since Taylor's day. A number of countries have a .40 caliber minimum for hunting dangerous game, especially elephant. With that in mind, I'd say that the .416 Rigby would make the perfect one gun battery for the globe-trotting sportsman.Granted it is more than any one would ever need hunting skinny-a$$ed Southern Whitetail deer, but it packs enough punch to hammer Cape Buffalo, lion, and elephant with great authority.Doc Hudson

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I've been looking for my little "slice of heaven" in northern Michigan for a while now for that reason alone, but man is land expensive these days. I wouldn't prefer to hunt alone but if I had my own property I could be a little choosy on who I hunt with. Right now I take what I can get since hunting public land around here is like stepping onto a battlefield!

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if they are going to be smoking in the cabin your cloths and hair will stink.forget the cloths sprays etc you'll stink anyway.i would tell them to smoke outside at least.not in the cabin.if they dont like it they can hunt eleswhere

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison.
Genesis 27:3 "The thinking deer hunter should mature through three phases during his hunting life. First phase, "I need to kill a deer." Second phase, I want to harvest a nice deer. And last phase, we must manage this resource so our children and their children can experience the grand tradition of good deer hunting." - Jim Slinsky
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I've got to tell you every year I go to NY and hunt. I am the only non-smoker of 6-8 guys. The guys house we stay at smokes as well so who am I to tell them to stop. Let there own self-induced health issues do that. Besides the deer hunting is just to good to pass up. I have to go through extra preperation to work around this. I keep every shread of hunting clothes and equip I have outside except for my long john tops/bottoms. Those I keep in big zip lock bags. I take a shower every morning and make a bee line for the door with only long johns on. Once dressed I do not come back in the house.

Cigarette smoke in the woods is as natural as a fart in a church. It doesn't belong there and it isn't right. The people that smoke in the woods and claim it has no effect don't really want to quit to begin with.

If someone shoots a deer with a cig in there mouth then chances are the wind was in there favor. If you get 2 guys togther anfd they walk to there stands the guy that chocked down a few before he hit the woods would get busted over the guy who took every scent precaution he could. My .02.
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Umm yeah...I'm not certain, but pretty sure cig smoke is not gonna do much for ya there. Good luck though, maybe you should just go to the most upwind position you can find on the place.

John Eitzen
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Originally Posted by Rozman62 View Post
Cigarette smoke in the woods is as natural as a fart in a church.

Great of my new favorites.

John Eitzen
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Cigarete smoke will stop them dead in their tracks I have seen it first hand when I smoked. Had a nice buck chasing a doe once and I had smoked a cigarete about thirty minutes before, when the doe smelled the smoke she stoped dead in her tracks put her nose in the air wheeled around and left with my big buck in tow.

Some leasons you learn the hard way.
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