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tjhunter 01-24-2014 03:53 AM

hi all, where i come from, we don't have hornady bullets. ive never tried it. from looking around in the forums, ive heard many people talking about hornady... a friend of mine owns a hunting shop and he wanted to know if the hornady would be an interesting bullet to consider? thank you tommy

gfdeputy2 01-24-2014 04:49 AM

Hornady makes great ammunition If he can get it it will sell

BruceBruce1959 01-24-2014 06:18 AM

Hornady is a top of the line bullet manufacturer. They're Made in the U.S.A.
They've been making them since 1949 that alone should tell you how good they are.:w00t:


Hunterdad 01-25-2014 08:40 PM

Absolutely good ammo. Thompson center recommends Hornady ammo in their firearms (they test fire them with Hornady). Hornady generally performs well in most firearms. I say most because firearms are finicky.

Scorpion8 01-27-2014 10:10 AM

Hornady makes as fine a bullet as anyone else, and in many aspects better. I love their basic Interlokt bullet for deer.

Hunting Man 01-27-2014 10:26 AM

I use them for my black powder rifles, but I like Nosler bullets and Swift A-Frames. Not knocking Hornady at all just something everyone should find their own favorites by shooting.

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