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ronn 02-02-2008 02:05 PM

Are there any handloaders out there? I've done quite a bit but I've picked up a new rifle. I got a .338 ultra mag and need a recipes for it. Or do you know of any good links?:unsure:

onehorse 02-02-2008 06:23 PM

I've just submitted an article to entitled "Basic Handloading for Hunters". I hope it will help anyone who is thinking about starting to handload. It's got lots of info and tips. In the meantime, you might try the Hodgdon web site,, as it has lots of info and load data listed by caliber and bullet weight. They list 36 loads for that caliber. Good luck!

ronn 02-02-2008 07:10 PM

Thanks onehorse, I'll check it out.

onehorse 02-02-2008 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by ronn (Post 9488)
Thanks onehorse, I'll check it out.

Good, ronn. Let me know how you like that site and how it works out for you.

ronn 02-03-2008 07:21 AM

:w00t:Turns out I have been there. I go to IMR. Just always used DuPont IMR. When I did a lot of reloading it was for the 300 savage, 06, 7mm mag,257 bob, .338 win mag, 22 hornet, 22.250, 30.30, but then Hornady came out with there own ammo that was as good as I could build or was willing to. Without getting in to neck turning and weighing each piece of brass and doing all the things that make a round hyper accurate. With the ultra mags factory ammo is limited. I like trying to get the best out of the round and know there are guys out there that have played around and developed some excellent SAFE stuff. Like for the hornet I used lil gun( hodgdon) powder which is a shot gun powder for the 410. The first round over the corno was 3200 with a 35 gr v-max. and groups man they were very tight. A literal tack driver a 100. I whacked a crow at 270 paces cold shot. So I'm looking for those formulas that will get the best out of the round which in all likelihood aren't in the book. Got any thoughts? thanks again:w00t:

onehorse 02-03-2008 09:00 AM

ronn, sounds like you have LOTS of experience handloading. One powder that my friends and I like, especially for magnums, is H4350. It is close to and shoots like IMR 4350, but it's said by the manufacturer to be temperature resistant, so it shoots the same in any season. RL19 has always been a tack driver for us too. A brand new powder, which I haven't even been able to find yet, is Hybrid 100V. It's supposed to be very accurate and work very well in powder measures - runs through the measure consistently even. Keep in touch.

ronn 02-03-2008 10:05 AM

I used a lot of 4831 and 3031. I came up with a load for my 7mm mag using 4831, i know to slow, and a 160gr bullet running over 2900 per/sec. Looked like a muzzle loader just went off. I guy I know said to me one day lets go shoot. Of course I don't pass on that type invite if I can help it. We go to his range, the one HE gos to, and its got these steel silhouettes out to 500 yards. I plop myself down and get the go ahead to shoot and boom,,, blangggg. He goes did you just hit that 500. yup i did. hold over 24 and squeeze. The thing with slow powders is, it keeps the chamber pressures down and continues to burns as it goes down the barrel. This way, rule of thumb, you gain 25 ft per second per inch up to a point. but true with most barrels lengths.:mellow:

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