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soupy1957 05-16-2013 03:27 AM

Finding Ammo and Getting Licensed
I'm sure that some of you are experiencing the shortages in Ammo at your local store. I've been waiting since March for Hornady's (.30-.30) shells.

In a recent conversation with a Rep from that store, that happens to be located (apparently) near the Hornady plant, I was told that they are going all out (three shifts) to fill "government orders." What's THAT about?! I get that the "Government" orders might be priority if we were in a full-scale war (like WWII), but these days?

Along with that, I head off to my local Town Hall for my Hunting License for this year, for the first time ever. I was figuring on one fee ($19) and heard yesterday about a "Permit fee," (another $19). What's up with THAT?! I'll be hunting public (State) lands!

Then, I have to get my Application in to a neighboring State, where I'll be doing my actual hunting this year. That's another $115.00.

September is the target date for my first "official" hunting experience, although I'm no stranger to the woods and/or weapons. I'll take a week to go and hopefully things will go well. If I can walk away from the trip without Lyme Disease, and a respectable amount of meat for the freezer, I'll be content.

The "Hunter Safety Course" was well worth the time, and I highly recommend it if you haven't taken it. To be sure, it wasn't as detailed as some specific classes are, but when taught by folks who have experience (as most of the instructors do), you can pick up some neat tricks for staying healthy in the woods, and having success at finding and retrieving the kill that you are after.

More later...............


Karl.Luhr 05-20-2013 04:39 PM

If you want more info go to youtube for the long version
The Govt every year goes to it's suppliers and enters into contracts with them for everything they buy. The Ammo companies are no different. All the major ones signed contracts with the Govt for over 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo. Normally these contacts are not exercised unless time of War or emergency. All of the manufacturers are obligated to fill the orders from the Govt first. So if they activate their option to buy and give an amount of say 500 million rounds the next 500 million rounds made by that company go to the Govt. No one has been able to get a straight answer as to where the ammo is going but the Govt has activated ALL of its options this year. The people that say conspiracy say it's the Govt drying up the supply of ammo if it can't get the guns. Settle for the ammo they use. Decide for yourself after watching the videos. I personally think the Govt does want to dry up the supply if possible and the rest of the supply being available is going to People buying it to mark it up for a profit. There is no shortage if you are willing to pay twice what someone else bought it for.


soupy1957 05-21-2013 03:18 AM


Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr (Post 83033)
There is no shortage if you are willing to pay twice what someone else bought it for.Karl

If there is "no shortage,".......tell me who has the Ammo in house, and I'll go there and buy it, (twice the price or not). I haven't found one store ("mom and pop" or chain) that has .30-.30 shells or Rifled Slugs. Shelves are bare.
As to the Government and any contrived plan to limit access, ....I'd buy that argument if we were talking about military rounds for an AR-15, but not hunting rounds for a .30-.30.
License now in hand, and looking, I've got til September to acquire a box or two of each. For that's when I'm "supposed" to go on a hunt.
The State of CT where I live, will be making available in the next two weeks, (thru the State Police) "Certificate Applications" for the "right" to purchase Ammo. "No dollar cost" as far as I know, but yet, the Law. Another hoop to jump thru, to please the "man."

Hunting Man 05-21-2013 08:35 AM

You can find all you want by going on line. Try Gun I have purchased ammo several times this way. You should have no problem getting what you need. Today there are two full pages of 30-30 ammo on gun broker.

Karl.Luhr 05-21-2013 03:51 PM

Sorry I should have given you the web site...
Yes I have been looking for 9mm Luger myself after being given a couple 9mm pistols by my Dad, through his gun collection. It used to be I could go to Gander Mountain and buy 350 rounds of Blazer Brass 9mm for 90.xx. That same box of 350 is available for 180-200 online at One of my co-workers was waiting inline before Gander opened one morning just to buy ammo, and the next guy inline waits inline EVERY day just to buy ammo. The guy then sells it online for 100% profit. He was not a popular person in line after he offered that up. My friend said after he got to the counter and got his ammo, the guy from the line did buy whatever was available in 9mm or 223. It's legal to do this, but it is part of the problem. I don't have enough brass yet to start reloading for 9mm. I am lucky I have powder and primers. I hear it is hard to find primers for reloading. Most the big online sales sites like midway are showing their 9mm reloading bullets out of stock.


Karl.Luhr 05-21-2013 04:26 PM

How Ammo manufactures work...
I have never worked for Federal Cartridge in Anoka MN but it is only 30 north of where I live. I was told be someone that worked there that they setup for a given cartridge "30-30Win" and make a run of x number of rounds before they stop and setup for a different cartridge. If it is true that Govt Agencies have placed huge orders, the lines are not available to make runs for the other calibers. The Govt contracts by law, must be filled first.


Hunting Man 05-21-2013 06:13 PM

Karl, I have often heard the same thing. Production lines are set up and ran then change out the caliber and the next run begins. I hate profiteers especially when the average Joe needs rounds for hunting. Soupy let know if you were able to get your hunting loads or not, I probably can part with a couple of boxes if you can't find any. No price gouging here either just pay reasonable shipping and the cost of the ammo.

soupy1957 05-24-2013 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by Hunting Man (Post 83065)
Today there are two full pages of 30-30 ammo on gun broker.

For $50.00 a box, yeah! (box of 20, I presume). Bit steep for MY tast, no matter WHAT I said.

That website seems like EBay for Guns.........

Appreciate the suggestion, but I think I'll pass.


Hunting Man 05-24-2013 04:33 PM

Just trying to help.......I could let some 30-30 go for $35.00/box and that would include shipping if you get in dire straights and need some asap.

soupy1957 05-25-2013 03:32 PM

All settled............

A local dealer had some Federal's (.30-.30's & Rifled Slugs). They had a limit of 2 boxes (of the .30-.30's) per customer, per buy; no limit on the rifled slugs.

All licenses received......

Next step..........see if there is a sling for the 12-Gauge that I can hook on the end of the Tubular Magazine (say, under the screw on cap) and put a pin on the butt. I've been told that there are screw on caps out there that can be substituted for the cap on there (on the Remington 870) that have a sling plug built into them. Then all I'd have to do is pre-drill the butt hole, and screw in the plug on the back end


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