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d2bucktail 11-26-2007 05:28 PM

Would you shoot?
I "passed" on what I believe was a good buck this past weekend in NW Wisc because I didn't feel like I had a good shot. I'd like some input from you.

Here's the scenario: I'm in my tree stand in a very remote area in NW Wisconsin. It's a very large chunk of wooded county land that isn't very accessible. I'm reasonably confident my brother is the only other person in the area and he is over 400 yards away thru some very thick popple trees (where logging had been done approx 10 yrs earlier). The area where I'm sitting is hardwood and quite open in an area approx 50 yds in diameter. Beyond that it's still a hardwood forest, but there's quite a bit of thick under-growth.

At around 3:30 I rattled with my new rattling bag for about 45 seconds and then grunted with my buck grunt call a few times. At about 4pm I saw movement about 150 yds away (opposite direction from my brother). There was a lot of thick undergrowth to look thru, but using my 7mm's scope (set at about 4.5) I could tell it was a deer, and more importantly, it had a tall rack that definitely forked (in other words, it appeared to be a good buck). It was so thick, though, that I couldn't make it out completely. I could see part of it's head, then part of it's front shoulder, then part of it's body, then part of it's hind quarter. At 1 pt it looked it was browsing on the ground (assume acorns). Then it looked like it was rubbing it's antlers on a tree. Mind you, this was all view thru my scope and then thru thick underbrush. I was hopeful it was moving in my direction, but after a bit it appeared to be moving off. I grunted with my deep grunt call. The buck turned and moved back in the opposite direction. I could never see a clear shot of any part of the deer. Then, I noticed I had a bead on it's left eyeball. Couldn't see the rest of the head or the antlers or the body. It was a possible opening, but I didn't feel right about pulling the trigger, so I waited. I thought, "...maybe he'll head this way..." But then I saw it turn back in its original direction, and slowly move off and eventually out of site. I could definitely have safely thrown some lead in his direction, but I was confident it would not be a good shot.

What would you have done? Would you have taken the shot or waited? Did I have other options?

Sure interested in hearing your insight.


Dave Dawson
NW Wisconsin

joel the signman 11-26-2007 06:15 PM

you did the right matter what bullet your using unless its a 20mm antiaircraft shell its not a brush buster.Its hard to believe that a little pencil thick branch can effect your shot but it will.I think you did the smart thing.Keep hunting the area get closer if possible and keep trying

BruceBruce1959 11-26-2007 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by d2bucktail (Post 6224)
I "passed" on what I believe was a good buck this past weekend in NW Wisc because I didn't feel like I had a good shot. I'd like some input from you.

Greetings from Vermont d2bucktail, welcome to the site. you didn't feel like you had a good shot ,
so of course you can't shoot when you're not making a good clean kill shot. I wouldn't have taken the shot either.
It's these situations that will make you the safer more ethical hunter. Congratulations, that deer will be back to offer you a better shot.. Good Luck to you

critter gitter 11-26-2007 08:41 PM

Welcome aboard I have had similar shooting situations and I have never taken that shot. I don't want to wound any deer buck or doe, I want to know that I have killed it.

Ihunttelephonepoles 11-26-2007 09:11 PM

:yes:you did the right thing, if you do not see what you are shooting clearly, dont shoot! nearly all of shooting accidents occure when hunters shoot at a deer or what they think is a deer that is not clearly visible

Ihunttelephonepoles 11-26-2007 09:14 PM

well not necessarily a deer but an animal thats not clearly visible.:thumbup:

timberghost 11-26-2007 11:02 PM

:goodposting:BY ALL, COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT ANY BETTER:biggrin:

buckfever 11-27-2007 12:23 AM

Well responded by all. You did the right thing. Hopefully he will present himself again with a perfect shot. Good luck and welcome to the site.

buckslayer30/06 11-27-2007 10:44 AM

hey this is matt here im a new member just got done registering for an ID. but anyways about your opportunitie on shooting at that deer.. you made the right choice, but being me and my love for venison i probably would have thrown a mercy shot out at old mossy horns.

good luck hunting... i hope you get him.

timberghost 11-27-2007 12:22 PM

buckslayer30/06, awesome screen name man and welcome to the sight, it's cool here.

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