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buckfever 11-16-2007 06:38 PM

Opening day for gun in TN
In the morning I will get to hunt with a rifle. The forecast calls for around 34 degrees at daybreak with winds picking up all morning. Clear skies tonight. I am hoping all those public land hunters beside me will run some deer my way. I am set up on the outskirts of our lease next to this public land. I have several funnels leading down the side of the ridge from the public land where the deer cross through a massive sized hollow. I will be set up about 50 yds up my side. Any deer that cross this way will be in my direct line of fire. (Hopefully it is kinda thick) Heres to hoping a big one comes through!!!!!

savageshooter 11-16-2007 08:03 PM

Good luck man, ill be praying for you!!
get the big one!

timberghost 11-16-2007 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by savageshooter (Post 5834)
Good luck man, ill be praying for you!!
get the big one!

GO GET EM!!!!!:w00t:

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