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Mainer 11-15-2007 07:02 PM

Help me pick my spot for this weekend. goes...

Spot #1.) Funnel from thick pines leading out to an old clear-cut (40 yards wide X 200 yards long....all poplar trees about 7-10 years old. Many small Tamarak trees have fresh rubs on them. Trail runs across the clearing leading to finger of HEAVY, THICK pines that go downhill for 50 yards directly into the thickest, nastiest northern swamp you'll find around here. (I live right off of LONG SWAMP RD.) I have seen 3 does and 2 bucks come out of that funnel last year during the rut...if it's not's typically fairly quiet there. I am hunting from the ground, sitting on a stump just around a sharp corner from the entrance of that funnel leading into the clearing. I am absolutely masked by wind...always toward the clearing. All of the deer that have come out of that funnel (last year) came out within 10 yards of me....2 does tried to figure out what I was (they were actually very cute) by moving and staring and sniffing. Both does ended up just sauntering off, tails down. I didn't move a flinch and the didn't wind me. I didn't have a doe tag last year.....go figure.

Spot#2.) I jumped a gorgeous 4-pointer there this year. He ran and I missed both shots with my Marlin 336C in .35 Rem as he ran (open sights / factory.)
This is a swamp. I sit in my climber about 18ft. up a Tamarak tree. Massive amount of deer scat in the area. Many trails leading in and out and all about. I have jumped MULTIPLE deer there in the past (year-round...summer, winter...we only have 2 seasons here. Cold and wayyyy colder.) Soft ground....almost ALL moss. Many swamp oaks...all acorns are already wayyy gone. This swamp has 2 small ridges on either side. I can shoot for 50 yards 1-way and about 10-yds in the other.....I'm at the back of the swamp near where many trails intersect. Including 1 main...MASSIVE trail (almost a road in width.) They use this to enter and exit. BUT you can barely hear a deer move in there unless the moss is frozen solid. No rubs at all in there and certainly no scraps. This spot is about 500 yds from spot #1.

Where would you hunt if you had 1 last Saturday to hunt (no hunting in Maine on Sundays)?

It's your last you hunt 1 and then the other? In what order do you hunt them (morning / evening)?

I need your opinions because I'm in one heck of a bind here.:surprised:

Mainer 11-15-2007 07:08 PM

By the way.........35 degrees is supposed to be the high on Saturday with snow overcast and very cold.

timberghost 11-15-2007 08:29 PM

Man Mainer that's a tough, tough decision to make. They both sound like excellent spots. In my "opinion" I would pick #2 because you mentioned the many trails that also intersect with others. Secondly, you'll be in a climber and it looks like your weather on that day should "spike" the deer movement. You'll get alot of advice from the other hunters once they read your post. GOOD LUCK.

buckfever 11-16-2007 09:20 AM

Like timber said both of those spots sound good. Especially if its rut time it sounds like both spots arn't bad. I would porbably pick spot 2 the first morning i hunted. Beat down trails are made usually by does and young bucks. If its rutting season you may even catch a buck chasing a doe thay used one of those trails or a buck going through those trails searching for a hot doe. You never know. The evening i might try spot 2. Down south the deer like to move to the clearcuts closer to dark. Maybe thats true for your neck of the woods too.

Another hunter may say the exact opposite because of the buck sign you have in spot 1. Its a very hard call. I think no matter what you choose your not going to be in a bad spot.

rockman57 11-16-2007 06:04 PM

Personally I would be sittin spot two till the bloody end-no pun intended.The great sign your seeing in the clearing could be happening at night.Do you have a doe tag this year?May have to think out of the box to bag the buck.He should have a rub line going through the thicket even if you don't spot it in the swamp.Find his travel route and use the climber.
Good Luck,

legume 11-16-2007 06:45 PM

Hunt the funnels.
Always hunt the funnels if they are available. All the "pros" will agree. It's the best spot to see a concentration of deer as the funnel is the easiest path for the deer to take.

For what it's worth...I think the only thing that rubs or scrapes mean is that there was a buck there at one time. I believe that if a buck is walking by and see's a tree and just feels like making a rub or scrape he will. I don't believe they will intentionally visit that spot again. The only exception being when there is a line of rubs or scrapes along a ridge or trail. Then the chances of the buck returning to visit that tree again increases.

G/L with whatever stand site you choose. And please post the pictures of your kill.

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