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Plylerf2k9 11-29-2012 07:27 PM

Grunt Call Question??
This year I was out a couple days before the end of my state's rifle season. A little before sunset a young 6 point buck came up on my right side and as soon as he was looking in a different direction I hit him with a deep buck contact grunt. It definitely got his attention, but after about 10 seconds of looking around he turned a 180 and started walking away. I still had a shot but by the time I got my gun up he was gone. Did he turn away because he was smaller and was avoiding confrontation? Or did I just use my grunt the wrong way?

Hunting Man 11-29-2012 08:28 PM

tough question because we don't know what's in his head. Could be he didn't see anything or was intimidated? I've had bucks react aggressively and others act like they didn't hear anything. You just never know. This year I called in a nice 8 pt using my own voice sounding like a doe. It worked as he was 60 yds out walking away then he's 25 yds and broadside for the shot. I say try anything if needed when they are out of range and leaving what do you have to loose? It may just work! Post rut, I wouldn't use an aggressive grunt call, more of a meet meet call or soft doe call. You might even get a positive response using a fawn in distress call. You just never know.

tator 11-30-2012 09:10 AM

You always have to be careful with grunt calls. It sounds to me like your call was probably too loud and he was looking around for the buck and saw nothing. He more than likely knew something was up and decided the safest alternative would be to 180 and go back the way he came. Remember, anytime you SEE a buck and grunt at them, do it softly at first and if you don't get his attention you can increase the volume. You don't want him to think "man that was LOUD, where's that buck at that I just walked right up on?" you want him to think "what was that? That sounded like a grunt coming from 200yds that way"

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