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turner 05-11-2011 12:54 PM

Casey Mathews
Here's a 3rd generation player from the Mathews clan, from U of Oregon and drafted by the Phil Eagles. His Grandfather Clay Sr, Father Clay Jr and uncle Bruce Mathews all played for the NFL, as has his brother Clay and cousin, Kevin.

I remember both his father, Clay Jr and his uncle, Bruce from their long careers playing in the NFL. Both were stars, with his uncle Bruce perhaps being the greatest offensive lineman to ever play the game (google him and see) and playing here in Tennessee for the Titans and for the Oilers before they moved here.

How cool is that!! This tells me a couple of things..... One, that they love the game, without a doubt. But, even more importantly it speaks something much more important to me. These fine young men grew up knowing a good work ethic. They did not grow up simply "getting" but obviously they learned at an early age what hard work was and also how it can pay off for them too.

I'd simply like to tip my hat to that entire Clay clan and say thanks for showing us Americans that it's still not out of place to expect to work extra hard and make something great of yourself. You obviously all have the where with all to put your collective noses to the grind stone and come up earning what you've become. No one allowed you to sit back and "expect".


buckfever 05-11-2011 09:59 PM

I was a fan of Bruce.. His nephew should do well if he has that work ethic..

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