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tator 06-01-2013 11:01 PM

Anyone else hoping the Pacers make the finals? I'm sick of watching the cocky Heat play. I'm NOT a big fan of LeBron James. I think he's a bad influence on our youth today- and he knows that and doesn't care. He's a rich punk with a cocky attitude. Do I think he's good? VERY! I honestly think he could be the best NBA player to ever play the game of basketball. I think he's got potential to blow MJ, Bird, Russell, Magic, Dr. J and others out of the water. But will he ever? NO. He's the ultimate basketball player. Tall, strong, fast, great vertical. I mean comon',, 6'9", probably 250 lbs and able to play guard, forward, center all with dominating skills. Great shooter, great defender, great passer, great rebounder, etc. etc. etc. The problem? He doesn't put all that together EVERY game like MJ did. Now, I realize MJ has his flaws, but he never acted like LeBron does. I personally think this is why our youth act the way they do. They look at professional athletes and how they act and they mimic it.
An alternative in today's NBA? Tim Duncan. Great post player. Great teammate. Great rebounder. Great defensive player. KEEPS HIS MOUTH SHUT and doesnt' trash talk non-stop every game. When's the last time you saw a kid with a Duncan jersey on? Probably 10+ years ago.

How about them cards????? :)

tomlightfield 06-07-2013 12:01 PM

A little tardy on my response Tator, but what you said sums it up for me too, and I rooted HARD for the Pacers too! Now the Spurs have the Heat down 1-0, I really think the Spurs can take the Heat. I know one thing for sure, I never gave Tony Parker near enough credit, that man is something else. Go Spurs and Go Cards!!!

tator 06-09-2013 12:03 AM

beating Miami IN Miami was huge. That was a shock to even ME! I like the spurs' teamwork ability and no-nonsense approach. If you notice, Lebron feeds off the media. Sportscenter could talk all day long about how Lebron needs to be selfish and shoot more and be more expressive on the floor and that's what he'll do. Kobe is the same way. MJ was NEVER that way. He played his game, and that's it. Lebron is childish. Every foul on him is wrong. Every missed shot is because he was fouled. etc. etc. etc.

Cards are HOT HOT HOT! I just hope they can keep this up into October. Hey Albert, how you doing? hahahahaha

Hunting Man 06-09-2013 10:40 AM

Tator, I don't see much difference in any of the NBA players. I don't follow it much but seems like a lot of fights and getto style attitudes. Mr. James has the talent to eclispe just about every big name player if he stays in the league long enough, he is maybe the most talented player to ever play. I'm not saying the most favorite player, just the one with the best talent in one package. Sorry for the spelling this morning probably too many paint fumes.

tator 06-09-2013 09:10 PM

I absolutely agree with you HM, 100%. BUT- the reason I'm aggravated is because Lebron is by far the most popular player in the league- by a HUGE majority. He has the ability and opportunity to set a great example for kids and even adults and he acts like he does. Even more importantly, he has the opportunity to be a very good example for other thugs, I mean players in the league. He is by far the best player to ever play the game.... hands down, anyone who doesn't believe this doesn't know basketball- sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. The problem is, he'll never have the success Jordan, magic, Bird, Dr. J, Russell or anyone else has had because it's all about him. He gets upset with the media for calling him out, but what he's not understanding is that he needs to STOP with the media and think about/care about his teammates. Until he puts others before himself, he'll never mature and he'll never get any better. In my eyes, he's been the exact same since day 1 in the NBA. He's still an 18 year old punk at heart. Maybe his tenure in the league will change that,,, but I find it hard to believe that. I hope he does get his stuff together and I hope he does become more of a positive role model to EVERYONE in our country. Stop the stare-downs after dunks (wow, you are 6'9" and you dunked,,, big deal) stop the trash talk (it doesn't even make sense when it comes out of his mouth) and stop focusing on yourself to do EVERYTHING. In his eyes, he's got to be the best at everything on the team,,, but you can't do that and be on a team. You have to rely on others to come through- and yes, sometimes you will be better at a particular job, but you have to trust them and help them get better.

Hunting Man 06-10-2013 10:08 AM

Kids, bless their hearts only see the numbers and want to be just like their hero, only when they grow up do they then see the person and all of their faults just like us. I never had a real sport hero growing up maybe I missed something maybe not. pro sports has taken the good out of sports with huge money. I really prefer college sports especially football, I catch a few tournaments here and there but not a lot. I did however watch a lot of boxing growing up and still do! Not many NBA players like MJ or LJ ever come along and most of us got to see both.

semohunter 04-10-2015 10:33 AM

Yes Lebron is good but I would take Larry Bird any day over him. Bird is the best clutch player to ever play. Bird would shoot Lebron under the table and esp if the game is on the line. Bird started winning when he arrived in Boston. He took one of the worst teams in eastern conf and turned them into champions. They went from worst to first with the addition of 1 player-Bird. Lebron had to leave Cleveland after years of not getting it done to go join with other "superstars" to win a title. What would have happened if Bird got together with Magic and Jordan and said lets play together so we can win more titles?? Crazy. They didn't have to bc they could win where they were at.

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