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hunt NH 04-28-2012 01:57 AM

Over joyed is an understatement
this will absolutely make your day. im about doing cartwheels right now. (even with the bad shoulder)
probably the best news to come out of Washington DC in years.
Justice Scalia Shares Gun Love with Justice Kagan on Hunting Trip - Gun News at

if Obama wants to destroy the 2nd Amendment he now has a new opponent in the supreme court, and its one of his own appointees. jumping for joy right now. we have all discussed how much more important supreme court justice's are than even the POTUS when it comes to the second amendment. this is huge.

BruceBruce1959 04-28-2012 09:06 AM

Don't trust it, Don't trust it, Don't trust it, I would bet a lot of money that this is nothing but a DARING smoke screen, a setup by Kagan for us to send 2nd amendment issues in for a Supreme Court Justice Vote, It makes us think we will have no worries if that happens BUT, We ALL know how the left operates, Kagan's new found "love" for weapons is exactly what they would like us to believe but I'm not buying it and I would warn everyone not to fall for it...

Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor came off as a 2nd Amendment defender when she was being questioned during her confirmation hearings. She voted the other way when a gun rights case came to The Court.

We should learn from Sonia Sotomayor's actions, She's the poster child for the , "say one thing do the opposite committee"

In a 1987 memo, Kagan wrote she was "not sympathetic" to a petitioner's claim that his constitutional rights were violated by Washington, D.C.'s gun ban. The Supreme Court struck down that ban in a nearly identical case in 2008.


tomlightfield 04-29-2012 09:08 AM

I'm with you on this one Bruce. I'd bet my last ten bucks that this is nothing but another bu------it ploy by those lying, theiving SOBs. You cannot trust or believe ANYTHING that comes from those people. Same way there are immigration laws, but when a state takes it upon itself to enforce them, the federal gov. sues them. What ever happened to coming here the same way most of our grandparents did, through legal channels. And while I'm at it, I can't even begin to tell you how utterly sick I am of hearing "Press 1 for English". Now I have to go out in my garage and throw something so I can cool off!!!

hunt NH 05-01-2012 02:17 AM

so when i dispair about politics. you all tell me not to worry, god is in control, yet you refuse to exet the fact that this my be for real. what does she stand to gain from this? she already has a life time seat on the supreme court. dont get me wrong. i am not saying that i think she will become a champion of the 2nd amendment. but even if her opinion of guns/hunting has improved a little bit, thank that is a good thing in my book. i choose to look at this as a good thing.

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