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hunt NH 01-29-2012 06:09 PM

Hey kettle, this is pot, your black
First Read - Gingrich labels Romney a 'liberal'

tator 01-29-2012 06:23 PM

hunt nh... you may get your wish,,, Romney for Republican ticket.... and yes I'll vote for him.... but I believe this time next year you will be on here saying you don't care for his views and decisions as Pres.
The main goal in my mind is to get a Rep in the white house... if it's Romney, so be it... I think I can live with it. It HAS to be better than what we have now.

hunt NH 01-29-2012 06:43 PM

the peropus of my commenting with the pot calling the kettle black is that they are bolth black. just like how newt and romney are bolth liberals. i dont like ether one of them.

tator 01-30-2012 08:27 AM

I agree... and don't think that I especially like Newt... I don't! I merely think he would do the best job of getting our country back in shape. That's it. I'm not saying I'm going to plaster pics of him in my kid's rooms so they can be like him-- HECK no! His morals are very limited. But the main point is,,, I believe he can do the best for this country. I know he has his baggage and I know he's got lofty ideas sometimes, but to me, he's the most intelligent of the candidates. He's going to choose the right choice MOST times. Romney? He's going to choose the door with the most money behind it.
I do like Paul, but in my mind he's offically out of the race right now. Same with Santorum. It's probably going to be Romney and I think there is a strong chance Obama will smear him in debates.
One thing is for sure... my vote is and always will be REPUBLICAN

BruceBruce1959 01-30-2012 09:29 AM

I agree with Tator, Newt isn't my favorite either but he's a far cry better than Obama and compared to Romney,
I have no doubt Newt would be able to get more done for our than Romney ever could.
As for Santorum and Paul, both have Excellent qualities but there's no way either of them could beat Obama's campaign tactics BUT
I would love to see Santorum chosen as someones running mate for vice President.
Ron Paul, even though he has a lot of patriotic credentials, knowledge and Government experience,
he's never been able to develop the juice needed to be an American President.
What's most important for all of us is that we Unite and support whoever wins the Nomination so we can all tell OBAMA, "YOU'RE FIRED"!

tomlightfield 01-30-2012 09:41 AM


tator 01-30-2012 12:08 PM

Bruce said it all! I also encourage all of you to persuade all your family and co-workers to vote Republican this year. I have a co-worker who I've known for 4 years and we never really got into politics until last week. The the poop hit the fan. I explained to him my views and I believe I have him changed. He did vote for Obama and he was going to vote for him again. This is a 76 year old man as well. Talk about a tough job to change someone's mind after 50+ years of democrat voting.

Hunting Man 01-30-2012 02:27 PM

We simply have to stop the socialist movement, now. The only way is to unseat the current holder. If we do that then in the years to come get things back on track. I like Santorium (spell) and as a vice president would be a great thing. Newt doesn't make me want to jump up and down but if he's what is left at the end of the wreck then he will get my vote. Huckaby (spell) missed the boat this time and America is hurting for it. Pelosi (spell) makes me want to puke every time she opens her mouth well she just has to be on camera to make me sick. I just don't think Newt can be elected as he has too much baggage. Time will tell.

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