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Who do you trust?

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote.
-Benjamin Franklin

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One thing is for sure even with most of the bad guys you know exactly what they are about but one of them we don't really have a clue which is totally scary, and we won't know the total scope of the damage he has done for quite a while. Keep praying boys, that's where the real action is!
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simple answer. the only one i trust 100% is god. but as for the pic ill trust the guys who's pics are on the top.
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Does anyone else find it sort of interesting how Obama "changes" for his supporters? I seriously don't think he has any morals or beliefs or values at all. Whatever will win him votes, he's for. I completely understand that you want to get votes, but to me, this is getting them the wrong way. He must've skipped that class in college... oh wait


James 1:2-8
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You have to give it to Obama that he has a silver tongue. The man can get up and say the most general and vague of things and the mindless zombies (people of my generation) smile and think he has just told them the most detailed political strategy. None of them can even tell me why they like him.

I do think it is funny how he has changed his stances and speeches depending on who he is talking to. Even funnier is that Obama has had a backlash from the some of the black community. I think he is finally losing his charm to some people and their ears are now closed to the empty words he says.

I only trust myself 100%. Everyone else has let me down or put me in a bad spot.

As far as who I trust in politics....pretty much anyone who isn't a career politician. I'm sick of people being in office for 40 years. All they were made to do was contol others and I can't stand it anymore. It's time to set term limits on Congress
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Ok i'm going to throw this out there only because it really upset me last presidential election. First off, I am not a racist, never have and never will. I have plenty of black, asian, and mexican people that I know and respect in my life in some way shape or form.

I was disappointed last election because it became a RACE thing. Let's be honest, if Barack Obama was white he would not be where he is today. There's no doubt he used that to his advantage and if the roles were reversed, I'm sure a white person would do the same thing. That's not my problem. My problem is when you have people with strong beliefs one way and they choose race over morals and values. I know of people who were African Americans who were strong conservatives, but voted for Obama because they felt like it was their duty. I don't agree with this. I can honestly say if there was a Black republican running for president and a white democrat, I would vote republican all day long. (and this may happen this election, who knows) I like Herman Cain this election and he's black. There's plenty of white republicans running for the ticket but it's not about RACE people. That's what upsets me. I'm not saying all black people did this, but if you have values and morals one way, why change those just because of race? that does not make sense to me. It happened though, and look where our country is at. I wish there was a nation wide poll of people who voted for Obama and I want to know if given the chance again, who would vote for him a 2nd time. I would guess more than 1/2 would not.

these are my thoughts, I in NO way intended to point fingers or say racist comments. Please don't see it that way because I am not a racist and DO NOT like being identified as one of them.

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Herman has disappointed us with his wandering hands it seems.
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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
Herman has disappointed us with his wandering hands it seems.

I agree... plus, just listening to him talk, it seems like he has a live feed in his ear of someone smarter telling him what to say! But I do like what he stands for. I do not like Mitt Romney and I know he's leading big time. Newt Gingrich would be ok with me, he's a straight shooter and good guy. only time will tell!

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I am beginning, I mean really beginning to think that our political system is totally broken. what started out as a good idea in the infancy of our nation has been manipulated by special interest groups and the super rich to heed their every whim. the parties are so indistinguishable at times I do not even feel good about calling my self a republican anymore. The Bush 's really took care of that. blatant liars!

you want to fix things at the base of it all???
absolute term limits on all political offices!! congress!! senators!!! Judges!!! No more career politicians and lifelong appointments. and benefit packages that are inline with mainstream America. who will decide what is mainstream you ask? a jury of our peers in sequester, randomly selected from unemployment rosters.

And incombants are prohibited from campaining as it detracts from their job, they will be reelected based on their merits and success in office.

That'll fix em

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The Devils Advocate

Revelation 22:17

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You get my vote.
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