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spiker 10-27-2010 08:35 PM

dirty business
well i just wish we would stop dealing with the middle east .we just sold arms for 60 billion dollars of arms to a ally,remember the taliban was an ally at one time too.i think we need to get out of there but warn them one more attack of any type and there will be hell too pay.bring the boys home you cant change religious fanatics who think of any westerner as not gonna say it but if were attacked again unleash the hounds.

hunt NH 10-27-2010 11:35 PM

sorry, but we cant just call em home. we just gota stop playing nice with them. "war is crulety, there is no use trying to reforme it, the cruler it is, the sonner it will be over". Gen. william T sherman.

no we cant stop them from hateing us, but if we leave with out tails tucked we will not only be infidel, we will be week infidel. we need to stop trying the keep " the higher moral grownd" no mater what we do we will be better than them. we need to stop letting our polotishans, and gineva concntions from telling our military what they can can cant do. we need to declare war and let them do what they do best. emilanate our enimies.

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