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Originally Posted by vision archery View Post
That is what they will try next is the gun rights. And hello Ron ol buddy ol pal.
i think i know this guy. nice bow. where did you get that?

nope next is amnesty for the illegals so they will get to vote in nov
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For those who are for national health care should be against how it was done and the assualt on the Constitution. Hopefully, the States can find a legal route to kill the law. No matter which side of the debate your are on it should be a sad day for America and the founding fathers. Their visionary foresight into the future was astounding and untill now worked pretty well for us. Pretty sad that with a simple stroke of a pen the Constitution was discarded.
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this has not just been a sad day for amarica. it has been a sad year. i have seen the way my govt sees me go from a vet who served honarably, got injered in the line of duty, and medicaly discharged with honner to likely canadate for domestic terrorisam just for being a vet. and i have seen a true terrorist almoast blow up an airplane on christmass because the dept of homeland securaty was more interested in watching vets, and getting people to flag there friends for spreading conservitive e mails, than there were in watching thoughs who truely want to hurt us. radial islamic terroris. come on we had plenty of warning that this guy was going to try to pull somthing, and he only failed becase he messed up when lighting the explosives, and civilan passengers subdued him. why is it you think that they are so scaired of vets. cause they are swarn to defend the constitution from all enimys foren and DOMESTIC.
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On who to contact? just search u.s. house of representatives,u.s. senate and your state house and senate and each home page will guide you to contact info for your representatives

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kinda a disclaimer: i know i sound heartless but i'm really not, although my wife may say otherwise. grin. I'm not saying let folks dangle in the breeze. i'm saying there are ways to do the right thing within the frame work of constitution. oh and so you know this law is only going help me because i'm self employed and can not afford to buy health insurance in the system as it is now. i pay my dr bills and hospital bills out of pocket. just so you all know where i'm coming from. right is right and wrong is wrong but two wrongs don't make a right.

I'm done now, thanks.

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This just burns me up
I know because i am a small business i will end up paying for 50 office workers
The only ones that will benefit are the free loaders that dont work for a living
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thats not exactly true. yes lots of free loaders will benifit from this, but so will the self employed and people who work for very small companys. we do need health care reform. just not a govt take over. a few simple things could have been done to help. like get rid of the laws preventing people from buying health inshurance acrost state lines. its simple economics suply and demand. you cant do anything with demand, but by alowing people to by from any were in the countery you just increased the suply, thus driving down cost. next set up programs that alow people who are self employed to team up and groop buy. again driving down cost. then make it ileagle for inshurance companys to drop people once they get sick. and wala the health care system is fixed, or atleast alot better. and no govt take over. no constitutional rights infringed apon, and no billions of tax dollars waisted.
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govt healthcare management/requirement

It is what it is.Enforcement by...IRS the most feared Nazis in the us.Noone I've ever talked to has anything good to say about them,and they are never there to help you;how could it be any different in their health ins management/enforcement?It's not social medicine ,where we get taxed and everyone has the same care;it's worse than that.
Might as well go to Bandaid and Shovel insurence.
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voting for healthcare

We did'nt get to vote on this issue now,but for the next four years,I'll remember all incumbents at the polls.Baseball and the umpire...Your outta here!
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There was nothing done illegally or unconstitutionally in passing this law. At least, nothing that the Republicans wouldn't do or HAVEN'T DONE in the past to get their legislation through Congress. Hell, much of this law, as it stands right now, is stuff that the Republicans wanted in the past, and the thing that seems to be the most troubling, being forced to buy it or paying a fine, is one of them. Of course, when the other side proposes it, it's a whole new deal! And by the way, just where have the Republicans been all these years on health care reform? Now, they are saying that we DO need it, but not as this law reads. "Let's start all over," they say. But where were they, and what were they doing when they were in the majority?? Not a damn thing!
The Republicans lost this one big time. Before even one sentence of the legislation was written, they showed their hand and true colors by saying that they were going to get Obama on this one - that it (health care) would be his Waterloo. Before one sentence was written! They were intransigent and obstructionist right from the start. And they'll be making yet another huge mistake if they run the next election on the "Let's take this new right away from Americans" slogan. I hope they try it, actually, as I doubt they've learned anything.
And let's not mix up the issues. If anyone can explain to me why having health care rights means losing gun rights, I'll be glad to listen. And if anyone can tell me that helping people, which is the essence of this legislation, is un-American, then I guess I have misjudged this country of ours.
And let's cut the crap about the "free-loaders" getting all the benefits. That's the sadest excuse of all for being against this law. Sure, there will most likely be abuses. Just like people abuse guns, snowmobiles and ATVs, but that doesn't mean those things (rights) should be banned for all because of the misdeeds of a few. Or maybe what some of you are saying, whether you know it or not, is that our gun rights SHOULD be banned, because of the actions of a few. You're "logic" is rather weak unless it can be applied equally in every case and on every issue.
I have a friend who had one child born with half a heart. His other son has developed extreme asthma. Guess what, his insurance dropped him after chalking up over a $1,000,000 in medical bills. If you can look him in the eye, if you can walk by a mirror, or sleep well at night when you want to take this new health care right away from his little kids, then maybe we'd better get a whole new definition for what a "good American" is, because that's not what you are.
You're letting politics and paranoia cloud your ability to see this thing for what it really is: the recognition of health care as a right and giving all Americans the ability to provide it to their families. Remember the first inalienable right is "Life". Implied therein is a life with a certain amount of quality, including health. The Founding Fathers would be proud indeed!
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