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i've tried very hard to be respectful of the opposing opinion and will defend the right of those to have a differing opinion. but this is big, very big. this attacks the constitution, the very thing that makes this the greatest country in the world. this is bigger than even 9/11 because this attack comes from within at the very heart of this country even if i were for this bill it wouldn't change my opinion of how its taking rights away from Americans. there are parts of this bill that are a good idea but just because its a good idea doesn't mean you crap on the 9th or 10th amendments there are real points that can be argued or discussed but taking rights from Americans is way beyond the cost of this. you can argue the numbers/dollar costs, you can argue the number of people this will help, you can argue the pork and kick backs, but there is no way one can argue the further undermining/destruction of the constitution. Roe -v-Wade is the very argument that is in question but the odd thing is now those that argued for personal rights are the same people arguing its ok to take rights away.
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I totally agree with everything you said ron.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote.
-Benjamin Franklin

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Sittin in my truck I wanna hang my head out the window and barf. Hearin this junk on the radio.

Edited this to clarify what I was referring to... The signing of the bill..

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ok i talked to my states ag office. the state is going to be reviewing the bill to see what the options are. he also said i could challenge it myself but i better have DEEP pockets and like roe-v-wade it will take years and years to chase it all the way to the end. Any attorneys out there with experience in federal court issues care to take this on pro bono? I willing if you are. maybe this should go under the classifieds.

oh and for the record to show where i stand. I'm pro choice but against abortion. just for the record on roe v wade. so no one thinks i want it both ways as well.

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Originally Posted by ronn View Post
oh and for the record to show where i stand. I'm pro choice but against abortion. just for the record on roe v wade. so no one thinks i want it both ways as well.
?? I don't understand. Isn't that both ways? Or am I missing something?

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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nope, i'm first for a person's right to choose but i personally am against abortion. its not my place to force others to share my beliefs.

these dems argued this very thing in roe v wade. a person's right to choose, but now they say gov has the right to dictated what you do for your health and you don't have the right to choose. i believe under the 9th amendment you always have the right to choose because the amendment says if a right is not specifically spelled out it the first 8 amendments, the person retains those rights, the ones not spelled out, and neither the state nor the federal government can take that away from you.

the fact that is thread has gotten this deep shows just how important this bill, now law, penetrates into the very core of the US. and why it shouldn't be "a hands thrown up and oh well said" issue.

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Heres a quote I just ran across...

“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” - Benjamin Franklin

Theres been a lot of mention of the silent majority "waking up." An observation that I have made over the past couple of years is that most people do not know whot is going on in Washington. It takes a lot of work to decipher the news and what it really means. Most people I know are too busy with there own lives they don't pay attention. Those of us who do care and take the time to study whats going on need to help educate those around you. This also takes alot of work but is necessary.

Btw, I don't expect NY to challenge the constitutionality of this bill but I will be contacting the AG so my voice is heard.
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the polotitions who voted for this bill should be run out of offace tared and fethered. and when they try and take away my guns they cant have em. i will how ever give them my bullets, at 3200fps.
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That is what they will try next is the gun rights. And hello Ron ol buddy ol pal.
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the defence of this law? these people point to social security and medicaid. the feds tax you for that, so this isn't any different. heres the difference we pay into these with the point of getting it back when we get old. like thats going to happen. not to mention look at the way these are run and the situation these programs are in. do you really want your healthcare handled the same way? well with the leaving out of doc comp the cost of 15000 irs agents, and 10 million dollars to set the irs up to monitor your goings on monthly, isn't making me feel any better.
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