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post #11 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-21-2010, 12:48 PM
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things are bad, not gonna get better, but changes that should be made soon, election for senators and reps, should slow DC down abit.
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I'm doing my best to simmer down, but America is at a turning point in her history. If we go down the dark path of socialism then all that comes with it will be deserved by those who so blindly chose it. At no time since the 60's racial division strife has there been a dividing line drawn this clearly. America is at an imploding point destroying what made her great. I truly hope the people realize the there are two paths to take, one is the destruction of the republic as we understand it, the other is for the freedom of the people and state's rights. I see this as a no grey issue you are either for socialism or not. I'm done now and thinking very clearly BB, blood pressure is returning to normal. Maybe I'll go clean my guns as most likey they will soon be at my door trying to take them away, that's socialism at its finest, whether I give them away is personal choise and freedom from government control!
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post #13 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-21-2010, 07:19 PM
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HM, I agree with you. I think this country has been clearly divided for some time now. I also don't think the American people will choose the path of freedom either. Our elected officals will continue to force more controls upon us leading to the U.S. version of socialism and we will not do anything about because we can still eat. The vast majority of the people who put this current administration in power are already dependant upon the goverment and will not come out of it. And that was not meant as a racial comment. More and more people are looking to the goverment for answers to their lives and refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions. People refuse to build their lives through hard work and a little common sense. some couldn't buy a house due to their poor money managment and cry to the goverment, so the goverment forces banks to loan the money which drives home prices way higher than they're worth. Then the bottom drops out of the market and again people cry for the goverment to bail them out of that too..... They put all of their savings in the stock market, 401k's, etc and the bottom falls out so they cry to the goverment for stricter controls of the stock market..... Some want the highest paying union job in town, but but they cheapest of everything at Walmart, which means China, then complain when we've lost jobs overseas... the list goes on and on. You can't blame them tho, it's not their fault, they're just trying to survive. Yea whatever. The storm isn't coming, it's already here. Oh, and I'm calm as I write this.

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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hunting man has hit on the true issue here. regardless of how you feel about health care and health care reform, the boundries of the constitution have been over stepped. this isn't the first time, but it is time we say enough is enough because where does it stop. gun right?? its coming if we don't put government in check. if individual states want socialized medicine fine but not at the federal level.

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post #15 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-21-2010, 08:26 PM
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See how clean it really is... and we can tie health care, gun rights, socialism, and unwarrented taxation together as an unconstititional package. Maybe there is hope maybe just maybe the people finally will understand. Ok Ok now I really am done, at least for now!

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i feel better for venting and seeing that i'm not alone. thanks
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I refuse to calm down! That is what these flaming liberals want. They poke and poke until you hit your limit then poke and poke at you again and again. Each time gaining a little ground. It's time to squash this insect. Calming down is what got us here in the first place. This is not your wake up call, this is you after the 10th hit on the snooze button. But that's ok keep calm, turn the other cheak, keep saying it won't pass congress, keep saying it's so ridiculous it will never happen, HELLLOOOO! IT JUST DID!! AANNDDD! It will continue until you get up out of your cozy bed to see that your walls of your home land are being torn down to the point of being almost gone. WAKE UP!!
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post #18 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-22-2010, 09:39 AM
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In my case, calming down means there is a job to do. Time to focus on a plan with clear thinking time to organize. WMI, I agree with what you feel right now and I hope most of America feels the same way. The Country has been betrayed by the Anti-Constitutional Socialist Democrats and maybe come this fall the tide will turn. Right now I'm more sick to my stomach than anything else. This is just the first major stage of their plan for a progressive socialist form of government. Only the people ourselves can stop it. I will say, remember Bush 1 when he uttered the words "New World Order" its not just demoncrats that need replaced.
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post #19 of 71 (permalink) Old 03-22-2010, 10:21 AM
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Ronn, Hunting Man, WMI. I cannot argee more with you all. I fear for My country and even more so for the future of my 2 year old daughter and unborn sibling. We need to stand together with others who feel strongly for our Country and Liberties. Thank you for clearly expressing your thoughts and taking a stand. I will stand with you all!
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i've started. i wrote my rep and politely told him i will spend every nickle i can scrape together and work my rear off to see that he is never elected to another office not even dog catcher. as well as all the stuff he did wrong, like not listening the the voters.

its on as they say. speaking ones mind/voting gets you nowhere then action is called for, work to make sure the voters are not ignored again.

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