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spiker 01-10-2013 12:13 PM

Gun Control
We all know the horrible tragedies that have occurred and im not gonna get into that but i dont know for the life of me how more gun laws and disarming honest people is gonna help.We arent the people committing these crimes and criminals will always get guns.Look at Chicago a murder a day and handguns are banned!Another thing we all need to look at and be honest here. When i was a kid you had maybe one nut in your town who walked the streets. Now my god these poor people are on their own and theirs lots of them.Who's responsible for these people?Then when one finally snaps you blame the gun.Look at that kids picture who did this. Do you need to be EINSTEIN to tell he wasnt right. That kids mother is at fault for not securing those weapons.My heart bleeds for these families but the nonsense and lies with the guns has to stop.These are political oppotunities being pounced on by politictians.As usual dont fix the real problem(mental health system) take it out on good law abiding people.They better tread lightly i dont think people are gonna stand for this.WE MUST STICK TOGETHER NOW MORE THAN EVER! PS DONT WATCH PIERS MORGAN HE SHOULD BE DEPORTED OR LEAVE(SLIMY BRIT).

BruceBruce1959 01-10-2013 01:42 PM

Spiker here's a clip that might explain a little as to why the mental health problems were having in this country are currently out of control..

Source; Wikipedia,
The United States has experienced two waves of deinstitutionalization. Wave one began in the 1950s and targeted people with mental illness. The second wave began roughly fifteen years after and focused on individuals who had been diagnosed with a developmental disability (e.g. mentally impaired). Although these waves began over fifty years ago, deinstitutionalization continues today; however, these waves are growing smaller as fewer people are sent to institutions.

A process of indirect cost-shifting may have led to a form of "re-institutionalization" through the increased use of jail detention for those with mental disorders deemed unmanageable and noncompliant. In Summer 2009, author and columnist Heather Mac Donald stated in City Journal, "jails have become society’s primary mental institutions, though few have the funding or expertise to carry out that role properly... at Rikers Island, 28 percent of the inmates require mental health services, a number that rises each year....

spiker 01-10-2013 02:51 PM

Spot On Bruce!They sure aren't talking bout that on tv are they because it wont get ratings and it shows the government at fault.:goodposting::goodposting::goodposting:

Hunting Man 01-10-2013 05:49 PM

I believe that every crime where a weapon is used should carry a far greater jail term prior to the actual crime time. In the case of a murder with a gun, capital punishment. After the jury finds the criminal guilty, a three panel set of judges reviews the case and tapes of the court proceedings, renders a a final vote that all the proceedings were correct and followed the law. The criminal is then scheduled for death and the task completed with-in 30 days. In those states where capital punishment is not legal, life in prison with no parole. Mental health is a giant problem. States cannot afford the costs of providing the necessary care for every person in need. I do not know the answer but another set of laws that restrict the law abiding citizens of this country the right to own firearms is not the answer.

tator 01-11-2013 12:21 PM

I agree with all of you on here especially HM. Our entire judicial system is ignorant and absolutely too "forgiving". I just read an article about a man who shot up an apartment building in Columbia, MO (about 30 min from my house) and he's on the loose. Police are looking for him b/c he just got out of prison. What did he do? He beat another man to death. So my question is this. WHY IN THE HELL IS THIS MAN A FREE MAN? He BEAT another man to death.

This opens a huge can of worms for me. Sometimes I wish I could talk face to face with you guys b/c all this liberal crap is starting to really piss me off. Our country is literally crumbling from the outside in (east and west coasts). Now granted, not EVERYONE on the east and west coasts are like this- many of you are NOT like this. Here in the mid-west we have a different daily life. We're not used to hearing about stabbings and murders and all that crap. We're not used to seeing gay and lesbians walking everywhere- people literally stop and stare at it b/c it's NOT the norm here. Now, I'm not saying it's the norm where you live or that you accept it, I'm just saying.

Piers Morgan is literally a human being with no brain. He does not understand the fact that once guns are gone from America (which they never will be) stabbings will increase, beatings will increase, and just plain fighting will increase. Now that said, the next thing he'll want to do is ban knives. Because a knife can grow two legs and walk up to someone and stab them- didn't you know that? Next will be baseball bats and metal rods. And then finally he'll want us to all walk around in bubble suits so there are no physical wounds.

Listen, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize GUNS are not the problem. We have a society of parents who allow their children to watch horror movies, war movies, etc.. all the time. They allow their children to play CALL OF DUTY which is a NEAT game... FOR ADULTS. I see kids ALL the time with Call of Duty shirts on. Comon'. It's COOL these days to be your son's or daughter's best friend. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. That is the one thing I refuse to do to my kids. I love my kids to death, love them with all my heart, but I will not be their buddy buddy. I will be their FATHER. I am Dad. What I say goes. PERIOD. I'm not here for you to "like" me. I'm not here to make sure you are pleased every second of the day. I'm here to discipline when you need it, and love you unconditionally. I'm your earthly father who obeys his Heavenly Father.

As a society we are becoming one that is so tolerable of EVERYTHING.

You cannot talk to a hard-core liberal. They won't listen. They are mind-warped and they cannot help it. They are helpless and they are hell-bent on thinking that they need to run our schools, our families, and our lives. That's the point here.

It's not about guns. it's about their control. THEY WANT IT.

And the root of all this evil..........


tomlightfield 01-11-2013 12:21 PM

HM, Bruce and Spiker: There isn't much I can add to what you guys have already said---I just wanted to say "really good posts" by all of you!!!!!!!

And you too Tator, good post!!!

Hunting Man 01-11-2013 03:49 PM

Tator, I think liberalism is killing America and we are becoming the minority. I hate to see all the crap too!

Hellbilly 01-12-2013 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by Hunting Man (Post 74680)
Tator, I think liberalism is killing America and we are becoming the minority. I hate to see all the crap too!

I think were already past that and if something aint done soon it will be socialism full swing. thats were this prez. is pushing things now with this obama care crap and these illegal exitutive orders

tator 01-14-2013 09:19 AM

the bad news is this- the few conservatives that are left are quickly being outnumbered by all the illegals coming into this country and given a free ride along with the right to vote. PERIOD. We are outnumbered.

tator 01-14-2013 09:19 AM

Oh and BTW- to destroy all of your hope--- THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Sorry but it's the truth

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