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Doorman 08-11-2010 06:56 PM

Central Ky Hunt Deer Lease
Hunting club in Central Ky has three openings. 2200 Acres with year round access. All species can be hunted except quail. $800 per year. Call 502-541-5238 or send message.

Doorman 08-11-2010 06:57 PM

Forgot to mention 15" min spread and 8 pt

Doorman 08-14-2010 07:52 AM

I have received several pms asking additional questions. Lease consists of two tracts one has 1957 acres and the second is about 3 miles away. Large tract was a cattle and crop farm about 8 years ago and now is hunting and row crop. There is approx 300 acres of crops and the rest is woods and grown up fields. This year crops were soybeans, last year had corn. We bush hog strips through some of the fields and some have grown thick and are untouched. Most of the farm was logged over a two year period ending last year. There is over 5 miles of atv roads and several miles that 4x4 truck can use. Atv would not be required to hunt. The second tract was logged about 3 years ago and is very thick. It is all woods. The club plants several food plots and you can add your own. Location needs to be approved so not to have food plots too close together. You can put up as many stands as you want and have first right to hunt your stand. Any member can hunt any stand. There is a 15 wide and 8 pt minimum restriction on Bucks and only mature does so as to not shoot buck fawns. There are two work days required per year or you can pay an additional $100. Guests are allowed except for opening weekend of bow, gun, and turkey season. You must have 1 extra work day and pay $25 guest fee used for future food plots. Camping is available on the lease with water and electric with your own camper or hotels are available approx 15 mile drive to Elizabethtown. Last year 2 Bucks were taken and most years about 4 have been taken. Turkey hunting is exceptional with last season over 10 longbeards taken in spring season. The farm is hunted very lightly. Over have the members only hunt a few days a year. During bow season on weekends expect 4-5 hunters and during week 1-2 if any. Gun season opening weekend will be full and after that expect 5-6 per day the first week and less as the season goes on. We have current boundary on google earth. If you have any questions or want google earth map email

Doorman 08-16-2010 06:46 PM

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