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turner 02-02-2011 09:55 AM

Vanguard binoculars
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I saw the ad for Vanguard binoculars on this page when I pulled it up and thought I'd make a couple of comments on my experience (limited) with some Vanguard binos. I won a set of Vanguard Endeavor ED 1045 binoculars about three weeks ago. The price of this model (one of their best?) is $399. I opened the box and took them out to have a good look at them (and through them). they are 10.5X with 45 mm objective lenses. Not small, but not overly large either @ about 6X5". They weigh 28 oz.

They seem to be of excellent build quality and finish, although one problem was noted right away. When I removed the protective covers from the ocular lenses, one of the rubber "boots" covering the eyepiece came off in the protective cover. I've since re-glued it myself and it seems to be of no major concern.

I looked through them on and off throughout the day and decided to do a quick comparo test with another nice pair of binoculars I own that are made by Steiner. My Steiners are not top of the line, but are excellent quality glasses. The results of the comparison showed me that the new Vangurds seem to be the equal, at least, in low light testing to my Steiners.

The model Steiners I own have dual diopter adjusters which allow the user to adjust both ocular lenses to their eyesight and then simply use the glasses without any further focus needed from about 10 yards to infinity. It's a feature I've come to like, not having to re-focus the binoculars every time you look at something at a different distance.

The Vangurd Endeavors are more like most other binos, needing constant re-focusing as you look at different distances. Not worse, simply different than I'm used to. All in all, I find them to be very high quality and easy on the eyes. I had been on a hog hunt just prior to their arrival and I do wish I'd had the opportunity to have used them then, but not meant to be.

I am planning a little late season varmint hunting and I'll try and give them a further workout then. The quality sure seems to be there to me.

Here's a picture of them.

buckfever 02-03-2011 10:26 PM

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that.. Its sure to help some fellow hunters out there..

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