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tbighunter 12-28-2008 08:06 PM

Pentax scopes
HAS ANYONE TRIED THE NEW PENTAX SCOPES?I JUST READ THE ATTACHED ARTICLE.THEY SEEM VERY REASONABLE ON PRICE. For years, Pentax has played hide and seek with where, and if, they list their riflescopes on the web. They've finally settled on PENTAX Sport Optics Home, which may or may not be linked from their corporate page, at any given moment. Their Made-in-USA scopes have the same design features as Burris. They even look the similar... identical, even. OK, they are really just relabeled Burris scopes, which is not such a bad thing. Their new Lightseeker II features Burris's Posi-Lock reticle locking system (Pentax calls it Perm-Align). Pentax touts its well-known Super Multi Coating system on all lenses. All of Burris' scopes are now fully multicoated. After several years of obvious rebranding, the Burris-built Pentax models are differentiating specs from the Burris models, but I'm not sure if a 42mm objective lens is really that different from a 44mm objective

ronn 12-28-2008 09:13 PM

after the simmons crumpled i got the pentax whitetail unlimited. it rides well on my 338 win mag. most recently i got the light seeker 30 for my 260. rem both fantastic scopes. if you haven't seen one take a look, only do it under low light conditions to see the light seeking capabilities. the unlimited was about $400 the light seeker was about $550 but don't remember for sure but it was around there. well worth it i think.

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