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Scorpion8 06-13-2014 10:09 AM

Redfield Revenge - Opinions?
I had the opportunity to sell off my .243 and then (of course) just had to buy another .243 in a Remington Model 7. I have the scope off the old rifle, which is a Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40 but I used the chance to peruse optics online. I know Redfield used to be a go-to name in scopes, but then they fell into crappolla. I had heard that they were back, having been purchased by Leupold or another higher-end optics company.

Does anybody have any experience with their new "Revenge" lineup of scopes? The 3-9x42 is quite reasonably priced if it isn't junk. Plus it's 2mm larger objective than the normal 3-9x40.

Anybody have any hands-on experience with them?

kemster99 06-19-2014 10:30 AM

I have a couple Redfield scopes. Very clear, have not had any issues with mine. They have held zero from year to year. and have not had any fogging issues. Other than the typical, getting out of a warm truck on a cold morning... lol ... but what scope won't fog up like that, just wipe it off and good to go..

Hunting Man 06-19-2014 06:45 PM

wish I could help but all my Redfields are vintage models, they are golden!!!

Scorpion8 06-20-2014 09:50 AM

Yea, I have a vintage Redfield TV-view scope that I love. But the "Revenge" series is newer, post-buy-out or whatever supposedly happened to Redfield.

Scorpion8 07-28-2014 11:03 AM

Going to put this scope on a Remington Model 7 .243 for deer season this year. Got the mounts installed last night and just waiting for the Gun-Tite blue screw lock to cure. I also ordered a Pentax scope but it's a 30mm tube instead of 1" so I need to find some rings for that.

turner 08-13-2014 12:52 PM

Tuning in a bit late here. I have owned one new Redfield (made by Leupold) along with several older versions. The recent one I bought was a Redfield Revolution which is made by Leupold in the U.S.A. The newer Revenge line is a bit lower priced than is the Revolution and is not U.S. made. I also own a couple Burris FFIIs, one a 2-7x35 and the other a 3-9x40 and think they are excellent scopes.

I'm curious to see if you like the Revenge as much (better?) than the Burris you had on the Model Seven. To my eyes, the Burris seems to be a better scope than the Redfield Revolution I had and sold without ever taking it in the woods. I am also a fan of the Model Seven rifle and at this time I own six of them (including Model 673s). They are great rifles!

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