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Lex Price Sr 12-27-2011 06:09 AM

Powerbelt Aerolite bullets
I have been hunting with muzzle loaders for 50 years and have tried just about every bullet available, including making my own. I have TC, Knight and CVA muzzle loaders. A couple years ago, when I bought the CVA Optima in 50 cal. I was amazed at the accuracy. It is a magnum but I use two 777 pellets for the best accuracy. I can tear the center out of a target at 100 yards from a bench rest.

I found my best accuracy at the 100 grains of powder and most of my shooting is at 100 yards or less. I have been using the 295 grain powerbelt bullets with great success. I haven't lost a deer that I shot with them. I get great mushrooms but the bullet often hangs up on the off side hide. The deer don't go far so I have had no problems finding them.

Last week I got some 300 grain Aerotip/Aerolite bullet and went to the bench rest. I shot three times at 100 yards and had a 1 1/2" group dead center in the target. I cleaned up the muzzle loader, loaded it and went deer hunting. Two does came by at 50 yards and I dropped the first in it's tracks. I reloaded with a 295 grain hollow point because that was what was in my speed loader. I shot the second doe and she went about 50 yards and was down.

Yesterday afternoon I shot a huge doe with a 300 grain Aerotip/Aerolite bullet. She went 25 yards and was down. The blood trail started at about 10 yards from the hit and Ray Charles could have followed it. The bullet went through both shoulders and gave a nice exit wound. I am completely sold on these bullets. I think one of the biggest mistakes made is using too much powder which can hurt accuracy and these bullets are designed for lower velocity. Accuracy is way more important than velocity especially since these bullets are designed that way.

Hunting Man 12-27-2011 06:49 AM

Welcome to the old ML club :bag:, like you I too have hunted a long time with black powder firearms. I tend to stay away from CVA, just me, and used mostly TC products with a couple of Knight, Traditions, and a random CVA even a home built 54 Hawken. Right now I prefer Barnes bullets but also use the TC shock waves. I have bought some Harvester bullets but haven't made it to the range yet to test them. Powder is Black Horn for the in-lines and 2f & 3f black powder for the flintlocks. I'm not a pellet user and prefer top speed with accuracy. One thing though is, use what works for you!!!

Lex Price Sr 12-27-2011 07:22 AM

I use a T/C 36 cal with round patched balls for squirrel hunting. Years ago I silver soldered a handle on an empty 45 cal shell. That is what I use for a powder measure and it works great. In my 45's I use home made bullets and 80 grains of FFG to get good accuracy. I even use some of that store bought lubricant after many years of using Crisco. Now I mostly hunt with the CVA and the other rifles rest in my safe. That rifle only cost a fraction of what some of my others cost and possibly I lucked out but it is by far the most accurate muzzle loader I own.

I have an engineer friend that I worked with for 37 years. He had never fired a muzzle loader and spent two years building one. It is a thing of beauty. He called and wanted to know if I would show him how to load and shoot it. It is a flintlock and I don't even own a flintlock now. He brought it over and I showed him all the things to do and not to do. That dang thing worked great and he was really pleased. That was fun with all the smoke and fire.

on_the_fly 12-27-2011 08:31 AM

I love powerbelts, but I like the 245 gr with a 100 gr powder, well should say that's what my gun likes caz those were the only bullet I found that she would stack at 100 yards on paper.

frontiergander 12-27-2011 12:12 PM

I love the accuracy of the Aerolites. I took a small 3x3 buck in NM this year and they left a huge 3" entrance hole. I used them in my Optima as well but with 110gr Blackhorn209.

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