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Old 12-12-2011, 01:56 AM
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There must be no try,it has to be seated firmly on the powder charge each and every time, which is why the need for the rod marked at the proper load seating. In a tight bore I start with a clean bore, fire then run a wire brush down to clean up the crust ring, after that I run a clean patch an you should be good for another shot, Consistancy is the key to accuracy in ML shooting.
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Default stuck bullet or ball

Get a puller attachment for the ramrod and screw it into the projectile and pull it out.It may take a few attempts. Of course there should be no primer or priming powder in the rifle.
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Old 12-13-2011, 05:44 AM
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Should be able to take the breech plug out and remove the powder, then pound it out the muzzle end. I did not read all the posts so may be a reason that can't be done.

To avoid the problem, simply run a patch with cleaner on it through the barrel after each shot. I always do that when shooting a lot. You'll get better accuracy, too. In case it wasn't mentioned, after each shooting session, I take mine completely apart and wash with steaming soapy water then barrel cleaner patches and very light oil before putting up. haven't had a missfire or hang fire in a couple decades.

Since the first shot at a deer is through a cold barrel, I never fire a primer before loading. I can look and see the breech plug after I clean it is clear so I just load and hit the woods. I never worry about shooting a group. I only worry about the first, cold barrel shot, every time. If I can put that first one where I want it, that is all I worry about. I have killed antelope at well over 20-yards and elk at 210/ I shoot enough to know exactly where that bullet is going to hit at any distance from 50-250 yards and I am meticulous about keeping my rifle clean. I have been shooting the same gun for about 10-uears now and truthfully, cannot think of a miss in that time. And I am not a very good shot. I just know my equipment.

Again, if all that has been posted, sorry but probably worth repeating, anyway.

As an aside, one time at the Knight factory, a couple of us shot the same rifle 150 times without doing anything but wiping down the barrel after each shot. Not one slow fire.

I believe this goat was 210-yards and the shot was off shooting sticks. I was shooting 150-grains of Pyrodex pellets pushing a 265-grain Premiere bullet. This was on the Hat Ranch in New Mexico and we were doinga video for Knight Rifles.

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A muzzle loader speed goat! I like it. Not sure where the Hat ranch is but it looks a lot like the area not too far from me. Of course a lot of NM looks like that. You live here?
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