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eddylamb 12-12-2006 03:46 PM

Bear Boar Deer This weekend
DGB and myself are going on a muzzleloader hunt this weekend. Will post results.:yes: :yes:

buckfever 12-12-2006 04:16 PM

good luck
sweet!!! good luck to ya. what part if the country is this hunt in??

Sureshot 12-12-2006 08:56 PM

Good luck to you. Looking forward to seeing some great results:biggrin: I hope there will be some pics to see...

eddylamb 12-13-2006 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by buckfever (Post 249)
sweet!!! good luck to ya. what part if the country is this hunt in??

It is in Cherokee National Forest. There will definately be pics, of what ?????? who knows.:bag:
DGB and myself made the trip 2 years ago and almost died from a primitive cabin that we stayed in. BUT we dont talk about that place anymore.:tongue:

Sureshot 12-13-2006 12:51 PM

Cherokee area
I talked with a fellow who hunted bear in that area :rolleyes: . I think he stayed in a tent!. :w00t: He liked it enough to want to go back for sure...

eddylamb 12-13-2006 02:09 PM

We had discussed a tent, but after adding up the cost of a good one and sleeping bags and no showers...etc.... we decided to splurge for the cabin with the big screen and hot tub! Ha

Sureshot 12-13-2006 02:14 PM

A good cabin is sure worth the difference....any day. :thumbup:

buckfever 12-14-2006 09:41 AM

to warm for ya???
you better take some bug spray and shorts.. dont forget the flip flops.. i hope the weather is cooler there than it is here. it might not make a difference in the hunt anyway. they still got to eat. and they gotta move to eat. no delivery from papa johns for them..

there is just something about it when its so cold that you pee out sleet, :w00t: you just know its huntin time. ive always said if its over 60 degrees it aint huntin. though that saying aint true i just like it better when its colder outside. hope the weather cooperates with ya.

eddylamb 12-14-2006 12:25 PM

ive always said if its over 60 degrees it aint huntin. .[/QUOTE]

Not true at all dude. Anytime away from work and the old lady is hunting and us to be enjoyed.

deercook 12-16-2006 06:14 PM

good luck
well hopefully yall got to tag something today. hope all is going well out there toughing it out in the nice cabin, with the hot tub, and the big screen, and all the hunting you get to do. hey im jealous

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