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frontiergander 08-14-2010 03:45 PM

Ronn's Hunterbolt
Well guys as you may have seen, Ronn took me up on the " If you dont like it, send it to me" Offer i made. Hes the first one in 5 YEARS to actually take me up on it and i was surprised as heck when i got mail today and it was waiting in back for me.

Shocked the heck out of me even more when i opened the box and found that it was camo and made me even happier when i saw that it has a 1:32 twist! I love this twist and think that its the best twist that does excellent with Powerbelts.

I stripped it down, cleaned it, drilled the flash hole out to .035" and loaded it up with 90gr BH209 and used CCI 209M primers. Instant ignition and a really clean burning rifle in the primer area.

I put the Durasight metal sights on as the originals were plastic, good for a BB gun but not for a muzzle loader. Sighted them in at 50 yards and decided to get serious and mounted a bushnell 3-9x40 scope onto the Durasight QR mounts. Had to shave off the back of the mount a bit on the rear due to the bolt catching it but no biggy, its fixed and closes up nicely now.

It took me 3 shots to get it 1 1/2" high @ 50 yards with the scope and 90gr BH209 and 295gr Powerbelt. It's basically ready for 100 yards this evening.

This rifle was stacking them tightly once i got that scope on!

Some primers pop out a great deal, other times they dont do this at all. Go figure.

Once i get everything on sight i will start doing modifications to the stock such as Free floating the barrel and removing any stock material touching the sides of the barrel. I had a 2003 Winchester X150 years ago and it really responded great with this mod to the stock.

Once thats done, the bore gets Ultra Bore Coat and Ultra Gun Shield. These 2 products when combined but cleaned down to maybe 10 minutes on this rifle.

Thanks again Ronn, i'll be sure to put this rifle to use and heck, maybe even hunt with it one of these years.

Hunting Man 08-14-2010 04:25 PM

What's best is that someone is happy with another's, well you know!:thumbup:

ronn 08-14-2010 06:01 PM

like i said it goes bang but its not much of a gun. when i dug it out i was still surprised how crude the finish on the barrel is. if it were a quality gun, you wouldn't have to do all the things to smooth off the edges. no comparison to my savage or if you like old school my t/c renegade. another thing i didn't like about it was the trigger you may want to do something with that.

i hope you enjoy it and maybe pass it forward somehow.

i know it could run 150 gr of black in it, 3 pellets, but man it smarted some. even with 2 pellets it kicked good.

i like the looks of those rings and bases. what are they?

frontiergander 08-14-2010 07:30 PM

I took it out to 100 yards this evening and have i got a group that would make any rifleman happy! I will label the shots so its easier to see. I'll post this 6 shot group here in a bit.

Cabelas sold these way back for $175 with the camo stock, worth every penny. Not the prettiest or the fanciest gun but for the average hunter, its going to do the job.

frontiergander 08-14-2010 07:59 PM

Okay i went and labeled the shots. Now that its dead on the line as far as elevation, she'll get a few clicks to the left and get centered up.

My thumb just to help size it up. Thats roughly a 1 3/4" group outside to outside

Im going to add some rubberized coating to the grips for added support and i dont think i will free float the barrel as originally planned. Its pretty hard to improve a group like that. Especially on the first day! LOL

Hunting Man 08-14-2010 09:38 PM

From the pictures it looks pretty good from here. Also nice to see that it shoots too.:thumbup:

frontiergander 08-14-2010 09:52 PM

yes it is a shooter. With some adjustments here and there, it will be a keeper. Was going to rubberize the palm grips but i lost place of my masking tape. Old age catching up i suppose.

Tomorrow i am going to try the 245gr Powerbelts and see how that does.

Hunting Man 08-14-2010 11:34 PM

I've never shot power belts having been mostly a flintlock shooter, but last few years been using mostly TC bullets and also recently impressed with Barnes bullets on paper. Hopefully, this year we'll see how they perform on Ohio deer.

frontiergander 08-14-2010 11:54 PM

i am hoping these will fit but most likely wont.

250gr Thor conicals. These are basically a barnes but in full bore diameter.

ronn 08-15-2010 07:02 AM

nice group. you do like your mls don't you?

i never said it couldn't do the job. it sighted in well for me as well. i said its not quality and its not.

oh i got it from wally, i think its was like 169 if i remember right.

if you get that trigger cleaned up it may take care of that to far right thing.

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