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gene so 10-03-2008 09:20 AM

hunting with the Pedersoli Gibbs rifle

I've been informed that the Pedersoli Gibbs rifle meant for accurate long range target shooting is about as good a factory muzzleloader as you can buy. Does anyone on this forum have any huntring expereince with this weapon, especially when used for long range shooting?

WHITETAILFEVER 10-03-2008 10:01 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum!!i have never herd of that brand of muzzle loader.sorry

wmi 10-03-2008 10:16 AM

No, but what a beautiful piece of workmanship. Reading up on it tells you right away it is a tack driver in the right hands. Bet your pocket will be much lighter if you buy one.LOL:w00t:

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