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frontiergander 11-26-2012 12:56 AM

CVA Accura V2
A forum member over at my place sent me his Accura V2 for me to go through and clean up and mount a scope on. I had a lot of fun with the rifle and was able to make a few How to videos when it comes to cleaning a new muzzleloader, scoping, and tomorrow i hopefully will get to make a range report video.

Got it out to the 50 yard range with 100gr T7 pellets and struggled badly, The pellets were just crumbling and accuracy wasnt even accurate. Had enough of it and so i went in and measured some 90gr Blackhorn209 loads and went back out, fired a shot, 2 clicks to the left and fired 3 more. Winner! Called Fred and talked to him for quite a while and he'll be buying a couple cans of BH209 while I install a BH209 breech plug. Those pellets are handy but mine went south after a year and a half. Can't have that kind of thing happening.

50 yards

Moving to 100 yards with 90gr BH209 300gr Powerbelt Aerolite. First 2 shots were low, accuracy awesome, 8 clicks up, 2 more shots.

Fred's V2 only needed a .020" shim for a .0055" crush fit on the W209 primers.

I love the stock camo pattern, i think it looks slick with the SS.

frontiergander 11-27-2012 03:35 PM

Heres the shooting video from yesterday, no BS or lies, live shooting where you can actually see the shot impact on my second to last shot. Now that i know 16x zoom is enough to see show up at 100 yards, i can show that more often rather than me shooting the gun LOL.
CVA Accura V2 Sight In - YouTube

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