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ArmsWarehouse 08-19-2012 08:13 AM

My 9 Pointer Mount
My first dear was biggy, It was bow season, My first with a bow. I practiced for a couple of months, shooting in my back yard, getting it down to a science. I carefully picked a nice location. First day out I made a nice clean shot at a big dear. It ran for about a hundred yards and dropped. :lol: It wasn't my first dear but my first bow kill. I wanted it mounted. I bring it to a reputable taxidermist and payed the down-payment. 9 months later I get a call that my mount is done. I'm excited. The next pay-day I head to the Taxidermist to pick it up. They bring out a 6 pointer (head mount) Long story short, after a long argument with the owner I convince him that this is not my dear and they can't seem to find my 9 pointer. :mad:

Hunting Man 08-19-2012 09:37 AM

It's always wise to take several photos of the head for potential legal remedy if ever needed.

onehorse 08-19-2012 09:43 AM

Another taxidermist horror story! I'm sorry about your situation. These things seem to happen more than they should and they should never happen. I was a taxidermist for twenty years and never had this problem. This would be a good time to remind folks about ways to try to avoid this situation when choosing a taxidermist.
It's a good idea to visit taxidermist studios BEFORE you have a trophy. This gives you time to shop around and plan rather than having to make a quick decision.
Obviously, you want to see some of the guy's work, but of equal importance is to talk to references, and don't be afraid to ask for names and phones numbers of former clients.
Be sure you get a contract which describes your mount as to species, size, etc.
Also it's a good idea to have the contract give at least an approximate date for completion. (I used to add a couple of months to when I thought it would be done. That way I had extra time built into the contract just in case I got behind for any reason. Hunters were delighted when I usually completed the work before the contract indicated.)
I hope your situation gets resolved to your satisfaction.

ridgerunnermike 08-20-2012 01:47 PM

same thing happened to a buddy of mine. the taxidermist even had the tag that said it was a 10 pt and still handed my buddy a big 8. used the right hide, but mounted the wrong rack. sad story, cuz you cant really fix all that. but im sure that the taxidermist had no ill intent. they get a lot of heads and capes and i know it has to be hard to keep it all together. but still, its a profession, be professional. sorry for your issue man

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