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Hunting Man 01-16-2012 04:08 PM

Doesn't take much to make my day
I was shopping with a gift card at a local army surplus store today and found a real nice Schrade drop point knife on sale. It has what looks like a 3 1/8" blade and nice contoured black resin handle. Just a nice user length deer knife and leather sheath. Has some nice weight and balance to it. What made my day.... on sale for $13.77 yup, I would have bought a couple and gave to my hunting buddies but this was the last one. Sometimes simple puts a smile on my face! :wink:

gfdeputy2 01-16-2012 04:29 PM

nice find
nothing like a great deal & remember simple is best anything more gets complicated

on_the_fly 01-16-2012 05:08 PM

I like finding a good deal like that. It's hard to find them around here.

delbert 01-16-2012 05:18 PM

your just lucky ...HM

Hunting Man 01-16-2012 05:27 PM

no, luck normally doesn't follow me, kids gave me a gift card for Christmas at a specific store.

DVW 01-16-2012 07:09 PM

Getting a good knife will pretty much always make my day. If it's a good deal on a knife than it will make my day for sure.

tator 01-17-2012 09:10 AM

nothing beats a good knife!

rdrader2002 01-17-2012 01:00 PM

Yup, nothin' beats finding a good knife.

Finding it on sale is even better!


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