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thundergod 10-31-2007 10:19 AM

Lost my spot in Moravia N.Y. Looking for a new one in or really near there.
Could hunt state land but hate hunting in a ZOO (not the deer, the people)
New York has an ASK program but In twenty years I've never seen a sticker on a posted sign!
My hunts are quiet, either on the ground or in a climber. I take two rounds with me. One in the gun and one in my pocket in case i misplace the first one. I shoot once and my deer drops. I take other peoples candy wrappers etc out with me.
I don't break stuff or mess with other peoples stuff.
So... anyone out there?

Rozman62 11-01-2007 11:53 AM

I also hunt the Finger Lake region and find the state lands get hammered but subside into the season. (Mt Washington State Forest) Overall there is enough deer per sq mi to get your deer on state land in Western NY. Head into the woods well before light and hope the incoming hunters move the deer to you. Some people see no sense in going in the woods when it is dark out. I have always disagreed with that. You can position yourself to increase the odds. I have 800 acres of private land to hunt but I share it with 6 other guys. Keep knocking on doors and be persistent. Take time to offer the landowner help with yardwork,etc and you should score private land access soon.

thundergod 11-02-2007 02:57 PM

Rozman62... You just outlined my normal strategy however, the state land near where I stay is a real bear to get through even in daylight (found that out while turkey hunting this spring... brambles and bogs everywhere. My GPS does not work 'till about 6:30 am so compassing my way in works but I ususally get wet)
I did find an incredible run though, it's actually "paved" with droppings about three inches thick! Must have been in use for over a hundred years. But for the number of empty shell casings I found everywhere, it's got to be a war zone on opening day. Though in other areas I turkey hunt, I sometimes see deer, I must have seen over thirty in that area.
Personally I'd rather see less deer and not get shot.
As far as "making friends" i'ts too late in the season to do that now, but I'm working on it for next year.
Youve got 800 acres with that few guys on it? haven't had that luxury since the club I was in disbanded.
Well, good luck to you!

Rozman62 11-08-2007 11:36 AM

Good luck to you and stay safe. DEC is allowing rifles in Steubin County this year so it's a different ballgame now. You do not see many deer during hunting season in NH because the deer population is on the low side. (I got a 100# doe on 11/3-opening day muzzleloader) It is a real treat for me to go hunt Western NY to increase my chances. I have a buddy who has a camp up near Lake Placid so I may change it up a bit and go up into the Adirondacks next season. The deer/sq mi is low but the racks are big.

joel the signman 11-09-2007 08:39 PM

CHECK THE dec WEBSITE FOR DIFFERENT AREAS TO HUNT.i HUNT A LOT OF STATE LAND.iF YOU CAN HUNT DURING THE WEEK YA GOT IT MADE ,MOST CANT CUZ OF WORK.sorry caps loc was on Contact a local dec officer he'll know of lesser used parcels.Good luck wear your orange and stay safe

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