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21 deer on the wall.....

Well yesterday (friday) I took a day off from work, and I'm glad I did. Have any of you ever had one of those days out hunting that tops pretty much any day you've ever had? Well yesterday was that day for me. I saw all in all 21 deer and multiple scenarios. Here's how it started out and ended up for those of you who care!

Decided to hunt the big woods so I got to the edge of the woods just at first light (sun wasn't up yet). There were logger trails still established so I made it more than 1/2 way back in the woods completely silent! The wind was ok, 5-12 mph from the south temps were in the low 40's. Once the logger trail ran out, a doe walked no more than 15 yds in front of me! She came out behind a dozer pile. I pulled up my rifle, but then I heard foot steps behind her. The next deer was her fawn. So I took aim at the mature doe once again. Just then I heard more footsteps behind the fawn. This was a buck... but only a 6 point and therefore protected under Missouri's 4 point-on-one-side law. Just as I was ready to pull the trigger, I heard footsteps behind me. I didn't want to take a shot at a doe if there was a mature buck behind me! Well they ended up running off, not sure about what I was, and as they ran I spun around quickly to see, but it was the other fawn's twin that had gotten seperated from the "pack".
I finally made it to my blind and sat there a good 2 hours and the wind picked up and continued to blow around 15 mph. I decided I was going to move locations and try something new. just as soon as I stepped out of the blind, a doe that was in the creek behind me ran off. (this makes 5 if you're counting) Then as I'm exiting the woods, I jumped another doe. (6).
I decided to head over to a hayfield that I like to hunt because it's full of drawls and ridges. I like to walk around in the drawls and see what I can find. Well I saw a NICE 8point chasing a doe like CRAZY. BUT... I was about 400 yds away so I needed to get closer. I dropped down in a drawl and high-tailed it that direction. Once there, The buck would not stand still as he was constantly chasing this doe. They disapeared as I was inching closer and closer and just when I thought they ran off, they were actually down in a new pond, getting some water. BUT there was another buck and doe down there with them. They spooked when they saw me and ran off (10). I decided to circle back around to where I knew they'd come out of the woods they ran into, and sat for over an hour with no luck. Just then I decided well I'll check my trail cams that I have in the back of the property. Once back there, I jumped 3 does and a young 4 pointer on the neighbors property (14).
Now I was sort of getting frustrated... I felt like I was having the worst luck of the day, BUT at the same time, I love seeing deer. I like having that interaction.
I then decided to go home and eat lunch and come back after lunch. Once back after lunch, I went to a new spot where the wind was blowing directly at my face. This Missouri weather has been crazy. South and Southeastern winds with gust up to 30+ mph. This fall has been nuts here. Well at about 3:30pm I saw a doe sprinting, and I mean SPRINTING down a fence row and a young 6 point was hot on her. I didn't have a chance to shoot her b/c she was running so fast. (16) Then at about 4:30pm, I look way down in the bottom I'm facing and I see a doe walkout from behind a ridge. I'm guessing the range was anywhere between 200-250 yds. I found a good solid tree and set up steady and made a good shot on her. She jumped 4 feet in the air! I knew I had me a good doe down. Then my heart sort of sank, b/c I had shot so fast that I should've waited to see if a buck was behind her. Well not 3 minutes later, a nice 8pointer walked out behind the same ridge and at first he looked young at 200+yds away. He ended up walking into the woods and I thought to myself, I should've taken him. Well low-and-behold not 5 minutes later, he walks back out. I had my rifle up, but thought I should glass him one more time. That was my mistake. I saw that he was a shooter and it was almost too late. I got on him as he was basically back-tracking where he had came from. He stopped with only his body showing on the other side of the ridge. I shot, but hit the ridge and saw dirt fly up. He froze. I shot again, and thought I saw him drop but wasn't for sure. Well by then it was around 4:40 and I knew I didn't have much light left. Plus they were near a neighbors fence and I didn't want to have to chase them or search for them. There was a away for me to circle around them to see if they were in fact on the ground dead, so I made the decision at 5:15pm to do so. (18 total) As I approached the ridge from the back-side, I saw a doe down in the drawl. I had a tough decision to make, because I didn't know if this was the same doe I shot of what?!?! Well she was about 50 yds away and didn't see me or the bullet coming and I dropped her. I walked over the next ridge and saw another doe in the bottom of that drawl. I pulled my gun up and was only about 30yds from her and decided NOT to take her b/c she looked smaller and maybe even another button buck (and I don't need another one of those!) She finally saw me and her twin was hidden and ended up running off, both of them. (21) Well I knew I had that doe I just shot, down. I went up to her and she was HUGE. Probably the biggest doe I've ever shot. Had to be at least 5 1/2 or older. I searched the bottom ground where I shot at the other two, but found absolutely NO blood anywhere. I checked fence line and even spotlighted the neighbors land from my side. Saw nothing. I have to admit, I was disapointed but at the same time I was glad I got a doe. I'm up to 3 now, 2 buttons and 1 doe. I still have an "any deer" tag in my wallet that keeps getting HEAVIER and heavier!

All in all, it was a fun day and I enjoyed every minute of it. Wish I had gotten either one of the bucks b/c one was bleach white and the other was more chocolate. But oh well. Getting ready to head back out after lunch today. Saw a young 6 chasing another doe this morning but they were more than 300 yds away and chasing hard.

Good luck to everyone this season, stay safe, and thanks for reading!

James 1:2-8
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there should be lots of deer left out there but i didn't get any out there.
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That's alot of deer.
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I'm not sure I've seen that much all season yet ! Lol that sounds like a fun day in the woods, that's the kind of days I get in the spring mushroom hunt, any other time I would never jump or run into that many deer. And congrats on the doe !!
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congrats on the multi harvests so far.
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Tator, Days like that are hard to beat! About 5 yrs ago I went out one cold still morning with my two Sons-in-Law. We each went to different areas of the 100+ acre section we were hunting and it did not take long for action to start for me. All in all I saw 17 deer that morning, including 7 bucks (all small). I met up with one of my Sons-in-Law on the way back to the camper to warm up and we had two more does step out at 40 yards crossing the trail we were walking on. We watched for a few mins to see if perhaps a buck was following, but no luck with that. I still think that was my best 1/2 day ever.

Congrats on your harvest!!
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Twas a good read tator. Those are the kinds of days we talk about for the next 20 years. Thats definitly more deer than Ive seen all year.

Congrats on the doe.
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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Well yesterday (friday) I took a day off from work, and I'm glad I did. Have any of you ever had one of those days out hunting that tops pretty much any day you've ever had? Well yesterday was that day for me. I saw all in all 21 deer and multiple scenarios. Here's how it started out and ended up for those of you who care!

Good luck to everyone this season, stay safe, and thanks for reading!
Well I didn't care but read it anyway LOL
Congrats Tator man I can't believe I am only one behind you w/ 2 tags left of course I have to hunt multi states to do it I do believe I will still have these two tags still in my wallet come seasons end just have not been out much since rifle started

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Great story Tator, sounds like you have a lot of deer running around, good luck

If your to busy to go hunting, your just to busy.
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