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96xjclassic 11-19-2011 12:38 PM

Bone collector tree stand.
Hey guys, I found a 2 man bone collector tree stand with attached 15' ladder for $108.00 at Walmart.
What do you guys think?

tator 11-19-2011 01:32 PM

BUY IT! I've been looking for a 2 man stand reasonably priced for quite some time now... never seen one that cheap.

96xjclassic 11-19-2011 06:29 PM

I was kinda scared because the price seemed so low! Lol. There was like 10 left. I'll have to go pick it up.

timberghost 11-19-2011 06:37 PM

Get one for me too.

96xjclassic 11-19-2011 07:51 PM

Sure you don't want two? Lol.:yes:

VolHunter 11-20-2011 08:03 PM

I do not use ANY Bone Collector products. I think it is more the name rather than the quality. Some of the products that I have looked at with the name seem to be rather lacking in durability as well. I think it is just one of those "fad" products.

Wish ya the best of luck with the stands though. Let me know what you think about them

96xjclassic 11-20-2011 08:20 PM

I'm still doing homework. I haven't fully commited yet. I will keep you guys posted though.

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