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Old 11-02-2011, 11:37 AM
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well i guess it would also depent for me too what kind of hunting i was doing. if i was gun hunting and looking at shooting a deer at 100 yards away i wouldnt care, heck i would even use the scent control products to mask myself, deer come that close to the house. i guess im speaking more in a bow hunting mind and thinking of geting the deer in under 20 yards. we as humans may not look at pee as animals do but they use it for every thing, breeding, teriroty, fox use their unine to keep track of the areas they search at night for food as kind of perimiter markers, and to me putting freash warm pee on the tree would tell any animal that some other animal (sure mabey not a human but if you smelled urine all the time like they do,.. who knows ) is in the area and they go around and avoid it at least the big buck will i bet, of corse the little yearlings will run right in and check it out caz they dont know any better. but thats why everyone sees the little ones and on rare ocasins a big gun will guff up but not offten and its usualy caz hes got his nose up a doe butt lol
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Old 11-02-2011, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by tator View Post
well aren't you just mr. perfect! for some of us that's the only quiet place we can "GO"! lol

I meant I stop by at the nearest filling station while on my way to my spot. ooops,,, hey Tator, a filling station is like a convenience store with fuel pumps. HM will like that one. LOL
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Old 11-02-2011, 12:30 PM
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O an when I told my wife about my budy using his wife's urine last year, she said "let me guess your wanting to start fallowing me to the bathroom, I don't think so ! " n I said well that's ok for now caz I'm not desperate yet there's still plenty of season left but if I still have tags rounding the last weeks of season
I still tease my budy over that !!
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Old 11-02-2011, 04:28 PM
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I used to pee far away from the hunting area but have noticed that deer aren't too bothered by it. In fact, I have seen deer checking out the pee area and sniffing it and stuff.
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Old 11-03-2011, 09:09 AM
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All this talk about peeing makes me have to go!
...and on that day when my strength is failing, the end draws near and my times has come, still my soul will sing Your praise unending, ten thousand years and then forevermore!
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