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deer slayer 10-25-2007 02:49 PM

hunting on juvinile?
ok guys, i got a question.. where do u think is best for hunting juvinile in a tree in the pure woods? or in a tree on the edge of a corn field???

buckfever 10-25-2007 03:02 PM

depends on where your at. in my main area i hunt, its woods in the morning higher up on the ridges and fields in the evening most of the time. if it was cloudy and raining all night i usually hunt the fields on low in the wood lines in the morning. but you never really know for sure unless you scout it out and hunt it some. the main avantage the juveniles get is the fact that they are first ones of the season allowed in the woods with the guns. good luck. i know this post probably did not help you much but its a tough question when we dont know what your hunting area is like

timberghost 10-25-2007 09:40 PM

Maybe an area that you have scouted or found good sign, or an area where setup would be quick, easy, and quiet. Consider on if the hunt will be for deer or trophy deer too. When I was little my old man always set me up in places that always held deer (does, fawns, young bucks, if trophys appeared then god bless me). But he always wanted me to learn the body language of deer so that eventually you will know when something is following them, or if there is there are small bucks looking behind them or acting cowardly which may be a sign of trophyness in the vicinity. Hope this helped you and sorry for the history throwback. LOL

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