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Old 09-26-2011, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by vikingjohn76 View Post
I'm 29 years old and this fall will be the first time that I have ever been hunting in my life. I'm really interested in Whitetail, but I'm not really sure where to start. I'm not a novice when it comes to dealing with firearms and being in the woods (10 years of Military experience), but I'm not sure how to go about the whole thing. I know that I have to buy a license and receive permission if I want to hunt on someone's property. I'm just not really sure what to do after that. My biggest concerns are; how do I scout for deer, stand placement, what type of equipment do I need and how do I choice which animal to kill (assuming that I see one)? I also don't want to break any unspoken rules or generally tick off anyone who has been hunting for a while. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I will be using a DPMS 308 as my rifle.
Wow, this is almost identical to my situation, though I'm 39. The good news for guys like us is that the hunting community is online and there's no shortage of experts willing to make others better hunters.

My approach has been to tap into the local hunting community. I found hunters at the local American Legion and VFW. I lucked into a father/son hunting party that have an area scouted. Heavy woods, light traffic. they've been walking me through the process.

Some tips not already out there that made sense to me: Invest in well-insulated boots. In fact, you may invest more in your clothing and gear than your rifle and scope, or at least I seem to be. In Penna., my slug gun season doesn't start until there's a nip in the air, so I've got to plan for layers and possibly long stays in a tree stand without moving around.
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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Give me your shipping address, I'll mail you gallons full of them! JOKING!

We had a bad year last year for them, but this year the trees are FULL of them and then some.
Joking??? I was going to take you up on that if you would cover the shipping cost
nope it is OK looks like this year the beech & apples are where they are at I may be ok
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All good advice so far. I'd also recommend you perhaps invest in a ladder stand or perhaps a lock-on with added ladder for access. Climbers are also good, but good ones are a bit more expensive and the trees they are suited for are a bit limited.

Advice about scouting is all good as is that about being as scent-free as possible. The hint(s) about plastic bags or plastic bins to store your de-scented clothes are good as well. I normally will put some fallen leaves on the bottom or cedar boughs, if they are common in your area. Most important is them being scent-free to start though.

Best not to stop for bacon and eggs at the local diner in those hunting duds too, as you've just defeated your whole purpose. I even stay away from drinking coffee en-route to my hunting area. Do NOT stop and refuel & never wear your work boots to hunt, if possible. Keep boots just for the woods, if you can.

A small day pack is nice and if walking any distance to your stand, keep your outer layer in the pack, or tied to it, so you don't get all sweated up walking in. When at your spot, add the outer layers for warmth. Also, if possible, change to a clean, scent-free hat when in place. Go ahead and take a whiff of a favorite hat some time! A clean one helps while on stand.

When scouting for sign & stand location, keep the sun's position in mind. Sitting at daybreak looking at a rising sun, frankly sucks. So try to pick a couple sites in mind as well as the rising & setting sun's location.

Good luck!
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