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Pablo's Mule Shack 10-09-2007 08:48 PM

New Deer Hunter
Hey all, I'm from Amarillo, Texas. I'll be going on my first deer hunt this season. Using a Remington 710 .270. 36 years old, but better late than never gettting started deer hunting. Have been bird hunting the last couple of years and enjoyed it and a friend talked me into going after deer with him. He's been at it for years. Any words of wisdom would be welcome. I'm already checking the forums for hints and help. Not a lot of trees to hunt from in this part of the world, so ground hunting/stalking tips would be great. Thanks and Howdy.

buckfever 10-10-2007 08:37 AM

welcome to the forum. cover your scent would be my most important tip for you. check out the hunting tips section too while your browsing maybe something in there will help you out. i noticed your from texas. i got a father-in-law in that state and the way he hunts texas deer makes me sick. :green: not really it is legal down there. he cuts up some apples and takes them out the night before and lays them on this little clear spot in all the brush and short trees. he sits on a pile a dirt about 150 yards away and just waits on the deer to come out of the thick stuff and start eating on the apples. sounds easy enough to me. good luck my friend and glad to see you taking up deer hunting.

AJHunter 10-10-2007 09:16 AM

Hi Friend,

Don't know much about hunting deer in Texas, but I presume its about the same every where, with the exception of laws that apply in your area. I suggest stay hidden downwind of the deer you plan to hunt, and shoot straight for a good clean kill.

If you can get a standing still, broadside base of the neck shot, take it. It will drop any deer in its tracks. Aim for center of neck at the base. Make sure your rifle is zeroed in at least for a hundred yards, and you will be able to hit anything out to 200 yards.

If you choose to shoot at a running deer, do yourself a favor, and pick a spot ahead of the deer, and wait for the deer to get there. It makes for a much easier and surer shot.

Hope this helps.


buckfever 10-10-2007 09:32 AM


sorry i cant agree with ajhunters post. i dont recommend shooting at running deer. you are more apt to injure the deer than to have a clean humane kill.

help me out here fellow hunters. give this new hunter some good tips.

AJHunter 10-10-2007 09:44 AM

Hey Buck,

I am simply stating if he chooses to shoot at a running deer, he will have a better chance of delivering a good clean kill shot by picking a spot ahead of the deer, and waiting for the deer to arrive.

It enables a hunter to deliver a good clean kill shot, rather than trying to follow the deer and shoot it.

I know it works, because that is how I shoot at running deer. You won't be moving when you squeeze the trigger.

Up here in Maine you need to shoot this way anyways, because of the heavily forested woods.

Most Maine hunters will agree with me on this. I agree it is better to shoot at a still deer, but we don't often have that option up here.


DKA 10-10-2007 01:13 PM

Remember to put safety first and keep cool and after shooting a shotgun, remember SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER.

joel the signman 10-15-2007 10:53 PM

i dont know sounds more like bird hunting than deer hunting to me.I never heard of anyone saying to lead a deer sounds like a good way to miss,wound or send a slug flying where it could hit anyone or anything.:thumbdown:

critter gitter 10-16-2007 07:43 PM

welcome aboard

timberghost 10-16-2007 07:52 PM

Welcome, check out, it's based right in Texas so you'll be getting the best advice and experience for your hunt. It's run by Dr. James Kroll (Dr. Deer).

10 point 10-16-2007 09:13 PM

I think AJHUNTER is hunting rabbits in the forest thats like shooting a deer with a bow at 100 yards if you get lucky enough to hit it your probably not going to kill it. Use a grunt call and try to stop the deer most of the time does and small bucks will run about 25 yards then stop and look back that is when you shoot not while there running.

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