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I was wondering if anyone has had troubles before with a Taxidermist? Currently, I am having a load of fun with a guy I took my 9pt to last November ('09). I won't name names, because I'm not that way, but if my friends/family ask me about this guy I am going to stear them clear of him.
When I took my caped buck to him on the 15th of November '09, he told me that one reason why he gets so much business is that he has a quick turn around time. He was charging $350 for a full shoulder mount. I thought this was a good price, and it was my first experience with mounting a buck. On the 15 of Nov that year, he told me that it will take him anywhere between 5-7 months to finish it. So, being patient, I waited until the first part of June to contact him about my mount. He then told me that he was not even close to finishing it because he stops doing mounts before spring turkey season starts because he makes turkey decoys during that season. I said, ok, and I asked to give me a time line of when it would be done. He didn't comply. I then waited until the beginning of July and called again. This time, he had just "moved" his shop and he had been spending all his time for the past month moving all his taxidermy gear to this new shop. I asked him where the new shop was, and found out it was literally 2 shops down the SAME block from his old shop. I waited again. This time it was the beginning of August when I called. I was told that mine was the last of 3 that he had to do and that it shouldn't be long. This time I went to the shop and saw my rack on a plastic form of a buck mount. This got me a little excited that he was actually working on it. So I decided to wait a while longer this time, and it was the beginning of October (this year) when I called again. I was told that my mount was done but another guy came in and wanted his mount right then and right there, so the taxidermist took my rack off my mount and put this other guy's rack on MY MOUNT! I know this because the taxidermist himself told me this. I then replied, "how is that supposed to make me feel when you tell me, the customer that?" Mid-November I called again (almost gave up hope) it had been exactly 1 year since I took him the caped buck. I realize many mounts take this long, but mind you, this guy is fairly new at being on his own with taxidermy and he didn't have that many mounts to do this year. I was told on this phone call that the glue was drying on my mount as we spoke and that he was working on it RIGHT NOW. All he had to do was let the glue dry and do the cosmetic work to the mount. I asked him finally "Will my mount be done by the end of November?" He told me "yes, absolutely!" I knew better. Two days ago (december 13) I still had not recieved another phone call from this guy. I last called on Nov 15. This time the guy didn't answer. I had to leave a message I don't like leaving. I had to give him an ultimatum. The mount done by this friday or my rack back + the down payment I already made. If neither was done, I was going to take him to small claims court. I had enough! He finally calls back, and says to come pick my mount up at 5 o'clock on friday. I will NEVER take another buck to this guy. I'm seriously thinking about writing a letter to the editor about this whole situation. People in the community need to know that this business is not a good one. My buck was not a monster. He was not a 160in class buck. He was probably a 140's class and he is a buck that means something to me. This guy though, has chosen to put my buck dead last and obviously put other customers first. I can tell this guy is going to try something on Friday when I go pick the mount up. I have my reciepts and copies made of them too in case he denies that I paid anything. I can just tell things about people. If there is anything that he does that makes this situation worse, I will be replying to this post with his business name and warning people to stay away from doing business with this guy.

What do you all think? Have I done the right thing? I am a Christian guy and I am very forgiving person. But I also realize and recognize when I'm getting the run around. I don't like to be taken advantage of. Some people in this world, feel like they can walk all over you because you're a nice person.

James 1:2-8
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Sounds like you did every thing right and were overly patient. I just took my first critter to a taxidermist this past weekend, the first mink I trapped. Did you have any references ofr this guy before you took it to him? $350 is a low price and I would see if you could get that down if he really gave your deer hide away. I went to the local sporting huting shop and asked about taxidermist. The guys working and one customer all recomended the same one so thats where I took it.

I hope theres a good ending to this story!
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The person doing your mount made mistake one by leading you to believe it would be done around a certain date, no matter how busy he's been he should do his best to meet the date he gave you or at least be within a couple weeks of that timeline.
Many taxidermists get very busy during the hunting seasons, after all the hunting seasons are what causes their influx of business..
MY taxidermist would love nothing more than to be able to get mounts done sooner than he can but he really is that busy, If my taxidermist says it's going to take approx. 10 months I'm pretty sure I'll have it back in 9 but no later than 10., The sooner you get the cape in to him the sooner you get it back, he puts nobody ahead of anyone else and some of the "PROS" don't appreciate having to wait but like he says, they're just hunters as far as he's concerned no more important to him than I am..

I hope you get your mount without any hassles, you've obviously waited long enough.. Good Luck to you...

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I don't see anything you've done wrong, he however, committed a cardinal rule of swapping someone's form out to appease another customer, not good. Just really look the mount over and make sure it's what you wanted and the workmanship is what it should be. I'd be mad too. I also would find another place to do business. $350.00 is about the going rate here in NW Ohio also.
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thanks guys for your feedback.. It is greatly appreciated! Let this be a lesson to everyone who gets a mount done... check out the taxidermist before you trust him with your trophy.

James 1:2-8
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Tator hopefully your mount comes out nice and then move on.I would tell my close friends & family not to use this guy.
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I'll go with you tator and persuade him to be a good businessman.
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I would call or write a letter to the better buisness bureau letting them know of his poor ethics. Upon picking up your mount be a gentleman and let him know you are extremly disappointed and have informed the bureau of this as well as letting every hunter you know of his foolishness. Word of mouth is a big part of any buisness so stick it to him!
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You have a lot more patience than I do. I would be vary wary about the quality of the workmanship at this point. $350 gets a first class mount that will look in 20 years likes it looks today. There is definatly something wrong there.

If your to busy to go hunting, your just to busy.
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Well for those of you who read my first post about this guy, here's the rest of the story. Got another phone call last night (thursday, 16th) and this taxidermist tells me that the total I owe on the mount is not $75 but $125. I have already paid $275 to this guy for the $350 mount. From the beginning I knew my cape was messed up. I shot the buck in the neck (spine shot). So the cape had a hole in it. When I took it to the processor's the processor caped it for me. The taxidermist says that this guy caped it wrong and the cape is ruined. I also told the taxidermist to just sew up the hole I shot in the neck (it only went in one side) and even if it didn't look right, I could always say "THAT's WHERE I SHOT HIM". Well this guy tells me that he'll have to get another cape for my buck. He does not say this will cost me anything (until last night). He's going to charge me $50 for a new cape. He told me in NOVEMBER this year that he had a cape donated to him and that he would give it to me for free. Well now, last night, he denies saying that, ever. This guy is clearly not a Christian. And he's clearly not been in business long, nor will he be in business long. I kept my cool though, usually I'm a hot-head, but I'm tired of this mess. I'm ready for it to be over with. Then the guy had to go and tell me that I CALLED WAY TOO MUCH over the past year about my buck. I called probably a total of 6 times. I explained to him that if he would've given me an accurate time frame on my mount, then I would not have had to call. He said I was supposed to "trust him with MY trophy". I then explained to him that I don't know him from Adam and how should I know if he skipped town and took my money and rack because of all the lies he's been telling? He thought that was funny. I'm glad. Then he proceeded to tell me that I needed to understand that he's doing me a service. haha yes, he did say that literally. I replied "sir, without me wanting your 'service' you would have no job". He went quiet on that one. I finally broke down and told this guy, "listen, when you called tonight and first told me about the $50 extra, it really didn't surprise me because all you've been doing this year is screwing me around. I'll tell you what, I'll pay you the extra $50 and you just lost a customer. You'll never see any money from me again, nor my family, nor my friends, nor alot of people in this community because when I'm asked about my experience with you, I'm going to have to tell the truth. $50 to me is worth it to end this 'relationship' with you. I'll be there tomorrow with the $125 and we'll go our seperate ways". My wife is the one who is really upset. She has "told" me that she's coming along! hahaha
We ARE going to report him to the better business bureau, and my wife actually knows a lady who works at our state capital...

All in all I told my wife, now we know about this guy and we'll stay away from him. Like I said, my buck was no monster, but he is sentimental to me. It's the first buck I have gotten since my son was born. Plus we took pictures of me and my boy with this buck. It means alot to me. I'm just glad that this situation will be over with.

I hate doing this, but people need to be informed by this. I'm not going to give the guys name, but I will give the business b/c sometimes taxidermists do business with out of stater's. Here it is guys,

"extreme taxidermy"
Moberly, MO.

This guy also makes decoys (which to me are overpriced) and I would definately stay away from them as well. Here's a link to them... The "GUY" i've been referring to is in the video.

James 1:2-8

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