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Field dressing

If you have never seen a deer field dressed you are in for an adventure. I would recommend that you get a kit that has the plastic shoulder gloves and the latex gloves because it's going to be messy. It doesn't have to be messy but with no experience it probably will be, but that is part of hunting.

I would recommend you have a knife with a gut hook and also a small saw for the bone, it will make your life much easier. I am sure there are as many was to skin a deer as there are members on this web site but I always start on the backside and work forward.

If it's a doe I remove the milk sack if a buck I cut around the male parts without removing entirely then in the crease between the back legs I cut to the bone between the hams. This allows the legs to open a little wider.

I then cut around the anus taking the blade of the knife completely around the cavity there to loosen it from the carcass, once again not cutting it free.
Now with all the parts loose but still connected I take the gut hook and starting between the hams and going forward cut the outer skin and muscle up to the breastbone. If it's a buck to mount the head you will stop there.

If no mount take the small saw and continue the cut up the ribs as far as possible. At this point all the insides are trying to come out but not yet. spread the chest open and reach inside and get your hand around the heart and the trachea, you will have to do this by feel. When you have a good grip reach in with the other hand and cut the trachea loose with the knife. Be careful to not cut your fingers off in the process.

When it's cut you can now start to pull out the insides. It will all come out at once if you cut the membranes as you pull. They will be on each side of the lungs and there is some connective tissue attached to the spine you may have to cut. It will all come out at this point all the way to pelvis. Take the saw and cut this bone right between the thighs. It is thin and maybe four inches long. This will allow you to remove the last of the intestines and bladder.

Done right everything should come out all in one pile.

Good luck, it is really not as hard or as nasty as it may sound.

As for the scent thing, buy some scent free sport wash for the clothes and some scent free shower wash and just start with that and decide on the other stuff latter. One other thing is UV. Don't wear anything in the woods that has been washed in normal detergent it all has UV brighteners that will make you stand out like a neon sign to deer. If you hunting clothes have already been washed with that stuff you will need to buy the UV killer spray.

Also don't wear anything blue it seems that is the only color that deer can actually see.

Good luck! It is a good thing you are doing

If your to busy to go hunting, your just to busy.

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Here is a field dressing guide to help you get an idea on what you can expect.

No need for all the fancy equipment. Most folks have hunted for years without the use of trail cams.

You have the basics down already.

You quite possible have found where the deer are at. (the trails) Do you see any deer POOP around? Food sources? Acorns etc? This will give you an idea that the deer are still using these trails.

You can look for rubs as well. This is what bucks make on trees this time of year. Check out this article. There are some pics to show you what im talking about.

Your already in a stand. Which I think is important to get you above the deer. Less chance of them seeing or smelling you.

As far as scent elimination I agree with the guys above me that like Wildlife Research products. You can probably buy a small kit from a walmart or bass pro store. It will come with soap for your shower, laundry detergent for your clothes, spray for your boots, bags, etc.

Hunt quietly, be patient. If the wind is blowing directly from you to the area that the deer always come from than I would move the stand so the wind is in your favor.

The most important thing is to get out there and hunt. You will learn from you own mistakes very quickly. Good luck and let us know if you see or tag anything.

What state you hunting in?
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I agree with HM... buy what you want to. Many people just go to Army surplus stores and get camo or even wal-mart. The other route is the big chain stores where things may/could be more expensive. The thing I like about hunting is that EVERYTHING works at some point or another. Yes using scents will work, if you're in the right setting and a big buck/doe is around. Yes the right camo will work if you are up close to a deer. Yes calls will work if the buck/doe WANT to come into it. It just all is a mind game that can get confusing to the hunter on what to do on any given day. Since you are starting out, just keep it simple. Make sure you wash your camo gear in scent free detergent and wash your body/hair in scent free soap and hot water. Get clean before you go hunting!!! You can buy scent free spray for pretty cheap, but you can also make it. There plenty of recipes on this website that will work. Good luck and I agree, you are doing an AWESOME thing! Teaching your boys to be MEN.

James 1:2-8
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My advice would be: 1) ask someone with experience to show you how o field dress a deer. 2) buy some scent elimination spray and use on all hunting clothes and boots. 3) get some doe in estrus scent and the wicks and use them. 4) Get to your stand before daylight, set your lures and then settle in and be still and wait. 5) Start by getting experience shooting does and build up to the bucks(unless you get lucky and see good bucks). 6) Take a camera with you. 7) Make your own field dressing kits(1 for each hunter) and include baby wipes, paper towels, rubber gloves, a Butt Out tool, some string to tie off bung, a drag line(clothesline works well), and take a heavy walking stick to tie the drag line to to haul the deer out to your vehicle. 8) make sure your tags are in order and keep them with you. 9) teach the boys to sit still and whisper. 10) Enjoy the days and the outdoors and being out in nature. 11) give the boys each a small notebook to keep a journal of their hunting experiences in, including all the wildlife they saw(including squirrel, birds, rabbits.......etc). 12) Research your hunting area and all of the deer hunting tips you can get from lots of different sources, then experiment until you find what works for your area and you.
Hope this helps.
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WOW! I can't thank you all enough! This weekend will be GREAT! I will be out all day Friday while they are at school. I have the day off:)
We live in Northern Michigan and hunt on our land and neighbors. We have lots of PINE. The trails and tracks that I've seen are very close to home and in line with our stand. Our stand it quite large so it won't be easy to move. Do I really need to strap us in the stand? It seems silly that I would fall asleep and fall out. Also having trouble getting the gun and myself up. We do have a rope tied to haul it up but, haven't trusted it yet Yesterday my youngest son was in stand and the squirrels where all around him barking at him! What on earth do we do about them nasty squirrels?
I didn't buy all the soap and detergents. I only purchased the spray. From the sounds of it I should make another trip into town before this weekend. Our shooting experience comes from target shooting and skeet shooting. Although the boys have shot small game.
As fat as the field dressing. I don't have a week stomach or get grossed out. I'm just worried I might do something wrong and ruin the meat. Also to my embarrassment I haven't seen any rubs. I can't thank you all enough!
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You'll do fine. The squirrels will leave you alone, if they get to close, BOP them on the head and the rest of them will get the picture! haha good luck to you and your boys.... AND YES! YOU NEED A HARNESS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN A TREE STAND! It's not for just "falling asleep"....

James 1:2-8
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The squirrels will shut up after a few minutes if you are very still and quite. They will get used to you being there and will not pay close attention..... unless you start moving around again or talking.

Im sure your doing this already but be sure and keep that gun unloaded while getting it into the tree.

Good luck this weekend and show us some pictures if you or your boys get anything.
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Stand safety is vital, injuries and including death happen every year from hunters not using fall arrest systems. I don't see where it matters on field dressing whether you start at the top or bottom, I start at the breast bone, where the ribs meet, with the knife just under the skin and work it down. Good luck this weekend, enjoy the time with the boys, be safe, and maybe when Dad/hubby sees his family having so much fun together he may just want to see what its all about! Bacon rapped tenderloins, I can smell them now.
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judeaboo, P.S. don't forget your camera, you'll want to share the pics for a lifetime If you or one of your sons gets a deer....

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definatly were the safty harness. as stated its not just for falling asleep.anything can happen up in a tree. you could loose your footing will fucusing on the deer wile tring to get into position to take the shot. the kick of the gun could knock you off ballance. and yes falling asleep in the stand will at some point happen. i dont think i know any hunters who have never fallen to sleep wile hunting. i sure have. more than once.
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