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buckfever 09-15-2007 06:48 AM

Hung me a Stand
i went to hang some stands the other day and decided to scout out some new area. i came across a good bit of sign and found where two good trails intersect. lot of deer crap around on the ground too. we actually have a lot of acorns on our lease which is surprising with the late freeze we had. most hunters i know have been hard pressed to find any. maybe thats a good sign for me. i put my stand up where the 2 trails turn into 1 so maybe i will see some deer on opening day of bow. it is about 35 yards from where im guessing they are coming to eat the acorns. i need a deer in my freezer. im all out of meat and some tenderloin sounds pretty good right now. next saturday on i think it sept 22nd is opening day of bow for us tennesseans. im going back next mon or tues to put my stand in the area that some of our big bucks are hanging around. i prob want hunt my big buck stands till it cools off a bit. it will prob be 80 something degrees by 9 in the morning. i cant hunt all day when its roasting outside. and if im big buck hunting i dont like leavin the woods that early in the morning.

joel the signman 09-16-2007 01:06 PM

sounds like THE SPOT to me .good luck shoot a big fat doe and the little one behind it.mmmm i can smell those backstraps now.wait that was dinner last night:bye:

BruceBruce1959 09-16-2007 02:33 PM

WHOA !!! De'ja Vu, that's what I had for supper last night... and By the Way,,, sounds like an awesome spot to me too... don't forget Pics, Pics, Pics !!! :useless: LOL

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