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10 point 08-09-2007 10:47 AM

Has anybody else been scouting yet?
I went scouting the other day and saw the same buck i missed last year. Except this year he is a 12 pointer instead of a 10.

joel the signman 08-09-2007 01:34 PM

i havent gone yet im going to my new place in 9 days the guy there says the deer are all over the place and has seen several 10s and a 12. Im stoked:ibtl: :ibtl: the other places i hunt i go in in sept

garett 08-09-2007 02:36 PM

i have been putting out corn and salt licks and my trail cam in one spot i fopund i goota get my stand ready cause season starts sep 16:ibtl: :ibtl: :ibtl:

buckfever 08-09-2007 05:45 PM

i went a couple weeks ago and tended to some salt licks. did not notice alot of deer sign. but i know their there so i aint worried about it yet.

joel the signman 08-09-2007 07:10 PM

I wish i could use salt licks here they be illegal:yucky:

garett 08-09-2007 10:01 PM

they are thats wierd

joel the signman 08-10-2007 04:20 AM

NY got all kinds of pain in the rear game laws.But ya got to play by the book:thumbup:

billp 08-10-2007 07:01 AM

did a bit and my old food plot from last year cam back in hope i can get there this season

garett 08-10-2007 11:15 AM

thats nice hope you get to hunt it

miadarola 08-11-2007 07:46 PM

next week
Ya, I'm off this week so I'm going in the wood to scout, problem is there are alot of trails and I do not know where to start at, I do not have all that tech stuff but there is still alot of time to go , just gotta watch out for the 600lb bear I saw creeping around the neighbor hood.:surprised:

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