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Scrub Buck
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New to still hunting!

I want to learn to still hunt from a blind and a tree stand. I live in southeast Alabama close to Fort Rucker. Fort Rucker is where I will be hunting, and it is huge and mostly wooded with some winter food plots just now coming up good. I am looking for any and all tips I can get on blind and stand placement. Also, what does hunting the wind mean? It is public land which means lots of people and hunting pressure. I have done some scouting around and have seen lots of deer tracks, but that is it. I do not know what to look for to try and locate likely spots to place a blind or a stand. I would greatly appreciate any pointers about this great sport.
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are you wanting to stand hunt or still hunt?
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You got us a little confused by your thread title. Most folks view "Still Hunting" has a way of hunting that your not actually "still", your on the ground moving at an extremely slow pace.

Hunting the wind means hunting when the wind is moving in a direction where you are least likely to get winded (smelled) by the deer.

For example your hunting over one of your food plots. You dont want to be on the side where the wind is blowing your human smell (scent) into the food plot. You would want the wind in your face.
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the best tips anyone can give you are Scent down Extremely well, (clothing, body and gear)
stay focused on the wind and even if you're in a Ground blind make all your movements slow ones.
Good Luck!

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Scrub Buck
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I will use a ladder stand and a pop up ground blind.
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B&C 100 Class
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Go to Google Earth and download topo and arial photos of the area. Look for tracks crossing roads and follow them to thicker woods. This is likely a bedding area. Set up on the edge of thickets. Look for trails that intersect trails, funnels where deer are channeled thru a certain path[good for bowhunting] If you see rubs look for more. A rub line to a thicket is the ticket. Tie a thread on your barrel for wind checking about 12 - 14 inches long. Keep the wind in your face [meaning your downwind of where you think deer will appear] If your facing North and your string is pointing to your left, [west] then thats a crosswind and is ok unless you think a deer wiil come from the west. Dont overwalk the area, get in early and sit tight to at least 10. Use limblight[glow in the dark bread ties] to get in and out in the dark. Brush in your blind by pruning branches nearby and allowing them to stick up all around, breaking up the blinds outline. This is not nesessary for turkey hunting. Always have your hands covered with warm or net camo gloves, and a camo mask from nose down so all thats visible is your eyes. Sure you can kill deer without them but especially in your ladder, its not uncommon for deer to appear without a sound, staring right at you. The less you look like a person then a tree the better. Move very slowly like the wisp of smoke billowing thru the trees. Avoid metalic non natural sounds and avoid over calling. Once or twice in 30 minutes is plenty. Put your phone on silent! and know that if persistant, you will see and maybe kill a deer. Best movement is first 4 hours in the morning and last 2 hours in the evening. Showering and wearing clean clothes[I wash mine in a quater cup of baking soda] before the hunt does help but is no guarantee if they are downwind of you. Stay upwind for success. Some areas doesnt matter since deer can appear from any direction and I have a spot that fits that scenario. If its real windy your chances are greatly reduced since the deers spatter vision is going crazy with all the movements of limbs etc. If you get out and walk, with wind right, take only a couple steps and stop, look and listen. Feel for sticks underfoot before applying much weight. Dont be in a hurry and slip around barely making headway. You want to see them before they see you so you must move slow. This is stillhunting! using shadows and natural cover as you wisp along. Have a map and compass and a GPS if you can so you dont get turned around in the woods. Orange survey tape is good during the day but useless at night. Limb lights, bright eyes[glowing thumbtacks]etc are cheap and usefull. I put mine a little over my eye level so deer wont get a scent off em. These are my opinions that work for me and i dont know a better hunter than myself. Enjoy the solitude and good luck!
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Originally Posted by weapons1 View Post
I will use a ladder stand and a pop up ground blind.
so your are stand hunting not still hunting? pick out pinch points and play the wind.
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Yes but most hunters will still hunt to and from the blind or stand unless its dark. I can think of 2 bucks I wouldnt have killed if Id have climbed down and made a beeline to the truck in the afternoon. If I climb down at 10 it will take at least an hour to get to the truck slippin.
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