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Question discouraged rookie hunter

My parents don't approve of hunting but it is something that i've always wanted to do. I was 18 and bought a shotgun (all thats legal in IN) and drove on up to grandmas to the farm. In 2 days the only thing I ever caught was a mild case of immersion foot and a cough that lasted about a week. So a couple of years later I try my luck again finally I did catch something a 2 point buck in NC close to where I was stationed. It was purely luck because i just happened to wake up as it was starting to walk into the field. Well my former brother in law decided to show me the ropes and I later find out that he hasn't ever caught anything, not even seeing a deer except for the one he hit with his truck.

I try just about everything walmart and Dunhams sporting goods has to offer...Scent killer, doe estrus, buck calls, rattle bags...the list could go on and on...

The last 2 years I've spent atleast 8 full days (we have approx 2 weeks here)and the random morning or evening looking for something, anything. both seasons. I don't really know what I'm doing out there. I only sit and look around and stay as quiet as possible except for the random buck call or rattle bag noises. I have a climbing tree stand and usually get about 15' up. I spray doe urine on my boots and use all the scent killer stuff on my cammies. I take a shower with the scent killer soap and shampoo. I would think i'm as invisible to the deer as one can be. How can I get a nice deer?

Seriously...I need help!!!

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First off, welcome to the DHC. You've come to the right place for help/info. There's alot of saavy hunters here who can help. The only thing that I can think of is: does the area you hunt in have deer? Have you seen any at all or even tracks or sign? Sound like you're on the right track in terms of scent management.
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Greetings from Vermont & Welcome to the Club.

Don't let yourself get discouraged because you're not seeing deer, I've been hunting for many many years and seen a lot of days (some weeks) when I went without seeing any deer at all, It's just something that happens to all of us now and then but you can't let it get to you.
If you've seen any deer sign in the area you're hunting then you know there are deer in the area just keep maintaining a scent free hunt and be sure to wash your hunting clothes with a good hunter specific laundry detergent, try to keep the wind in your face, try to make all your movements as slow as possible and sooner or later you're going to see some deer.
Good Luck to you....

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dead on bruce
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Smile thanks

well I do see quite a few tracks in that are mostly doe but some big buck tracks. Lots of rubs on the ground and a couple of scrapes on the trees. I'm usually out there for atleast an hour before sunrise and sleep that hour in the treestand (dont worry the shotgun and i are pretty secure to the tree). I just figure that i'm doing something wrong somewhere and the deer are like "Hey look at that @** H*** over there!"

Thanks again for the encouragement. Maybe they're just scared because of all the other hunters in the region. I'll try my hand at bow hunting when the season comes back in. I've been practicing with a bow and my aim is pretty good with that too, so the only thing left is getting that buck close enough for a shot...46 yards is about my limit for accuracy.
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Dont get down to the point you give up.
I spent many years hunting unfamiliar tracts because they were the only places I could find to hunt, but were too far away to spend any time other than that hunting them. I got tips and advice from peers and the others. but only through time and trail and error do you find out what is good sound advice and what is B$. the key is spending the time and paying attention to details.

If you have identifed that there are deer in the area, when have you actually seen them or are you just seeing signs of them?

If seeing only signs is the case, what hours do you enter and leave the stand?

Are there any well used trails in the area? Are you seeing rubs, scrapes, tracks or droppings.

The particular area I hunt has taught me over the past 5 years that after 10:00am I am wasting my time sitting in the stand.
I used to also get up at 2:00am so I could be in my stand at 3:30 or 4:00am. hours before legal hunt time. although it is nice to be in the woods alone at these time as it gives you some time to reflect on the impending day and enjoy the night time sounds of nature. I have found this is also not necessary and cuts into valuable sleep time. these things I had to learn on my own, at a cost. I see lots of tracks in this area, a few rubs and some scrapes. but alot of the deer here are noctornal.

You have made a good decision in seeking support from this forum and you will get advice that you can use and some that you cannot. what may work for one of us is useless to another or may just seem aukward to you. thats where trial and error comes in. Its not that anyone here is going to give you bad advice, its that everyone lives in a different neck of the woods.

and even after you get all the great advice that will put you on the deer, you have to realize you are dealing with deer. and they will do the unprdictable when you least expect it. so expect anything and everything.

one quick example, 2 weeks ago I laid down a sent trail through the funnel I hunt. the deer that entered the funnel came from upwind of me. as a matter of fact all the deer that day were traveling with the wind.

heres a you tube link showing the area I hunt. I do not have my bow with me in this video and thats why the does got a pass and not a pass through.

YouTube - Spooked does
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some sound advice in airbourne's post. find what works in your area.
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Never give up, the challenge is the best part.With todays tech. its so much better.I say ,to save alot of time and money a trail camera can answer most question.what kind of deer,what time,what direction,and how many differant ones.
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Definetly do not give up! It took me two years to see a deer in the woods while hunting and that was with being able to find good sign. I have hunted about twenty days this year and have only seen two does with no shot! Be patient and enjoy mother nature while your out there and good luck.
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Are there any hunting clubs around where you might be able to meet people, perhaps even get a mentor, who might be willing to give you some first hand help in the field?
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