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keepin sharp for deer season with free range western missouri...????!!!!

Hunting has one general rule, abide by the law, act curteous and polite to others so as to give hunting a good rep, and remember that the only predictable thing about hunting any quarry is that, well there is no predictability to hunting any quarry.....and on that note....this is my first post and i thought that it might be a good conversation starter..... sooooo.....well i've found a way to "keep sharp" for deer and have some fun while doing it, plus put some tasty meat back as well. I'm not the type that likes to admit his faults but lets face it, sometimes those hunts that we plan for all year don't go quite the way we planned and we end up going out to buy the meat that we just knew we were bound to put in the freezer during those fall and winter months. Well this happens for lots of reasons, everything from lack of time to hunt, all the way to not being properly prepared or practiced.
Growing up outdoors in eastern kansas and western missouri I've always felt that I knew everything under the sun to "sling lead" at or "shoot a stick" at.......and then I was thrown a curve ball. My local stomping grounds suddenly developed a popultation of wild pigs. Now how these hogs have came to be here has caused some arguement, but thats another story for another thread, what is important is what they've done to the habitat. Anyone with a pig population can testify to this and anyone that doesn't....well just think back to anytime that you've ever gotten stuck and remember how the mud and ruts add all of those times together and your starting to paint a picture of what a small herd of hogs can do in a few hours expanse. The population started out small but destructive and has only grown since. With the average sow being able to produce 1 sometimes 2 litters a year ranging anywhere from 6-12 piglets there doesn't seem to be an end to the number of pigs out there. This is a major issue in the area that hasn't been fully recognized due to the pigs secluded and nocturnal farmers and most local hunters yes, but by everyone
I could go on and on about the destruction and mayhem caused by these pigs for hours but anyone that hasn't already lost interest in this thread soon would, what I'm getting at by all of this is that these pigs are the perfect tool for honing my hunting skills, having a little off season fun, and since they are an invasive, non-native speicies, they are not recognized by the M.D.C. as a game animal and can be hunted in any numbers, at anytime of year. The only stipulation to this is that you must abide by the methods of taking an animal for whatever season is currently active and have a valid filled or unfilled tag for that animal. Since I spend as much time afield as possible this is no problem for me, and since these pigs are destroying the habitat that my favorite pastime takes place in I feel a personal obligation to put as much of this free bacon in my freezer as I can.
Hunting these free range animals can be challenging like most other hunts. While they don't have very good eyesight they have a keen since of smell and a hearing capability to envy almost any one if not all of us. So in order to take a pig I try to take away the advantages that they have over me. First I try to be as stealthy as I can by moving as slowly and as quitely as I can, I use the surrounding cover to conceal myself, and last but not least, I try to eliminate as much of my scent as possible and play the wind to get in close without being detected. Same basic principals as spot and stalk deer hunting right? There is just one major don't normally have to worry about a deer charging!!!!!!!!
Well I'm going to claim that hunting them has (hopefully) helped me practice for the upcoming challenges that lay ahead this fall/winter.
Okay finally...I'll wrap this all up with a question. Does anyone have advice on how I could hunt these pigs more productively. Like I said I'm just a small town missouri boy that was never exposed to pig hunting until they barged in, and the only methods I have to apply to hunting them are the ones I've picked up in the whitetail woods. Any suggestions or tips?
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Chasing pigs sounds like fun...but I can understand the kind of destruction you are talking about. Not far from a place I hunt there have been some hogs tearing up crops for a couple years now. I used to think it would be good to have an extra game animal around, but now I hope they stay away. Something one of my friends does down south is trap them. He builds a "pen" out of panels with a door that swings open to the inside (but can't swing out" and baits the trap with corn. He has caught a bunch of them this way. Kinda takes the fun out of hunting them, but is an effective way of killing a bunch of them. Good luck and welcome to the site.

John Eitzen
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Welcome to the site from WNY. Sorry I never hunted hogs before.....although I have dated some in the past.
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LMAO! Timber you are a trip.

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yeah its fun but i really do wish they could be gotten rid of.
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found myself with the afternoon off so I think i'm going to drag out some of my gear and head out to scout a little in the pig area, haven't had a chance to yet.......Maybe see if i can't stick one while i'm at it! See if i can't at least get some pictures to i go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good Luck !!

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wish i was there to help i always wanted to shoot hogs i geuss you culd get the guys together see if they wanna help thin them out by trapping and baiting if thats legal im not much help other than that

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okay i did a little scouting for deer tonight.....thought I might maybe get a chance at some pork while I was out. I saw alot of pig sign and noted some new deer trails but I never actually came acrossed any hogs tonight, which is a bit unusual but hey!....thats what I'm hoping for, less pigs.
My wife just bought a new blind for me a few days ago put out by realtree. Its a fold-up chair, the sort that folds up and goes in the long square bag....anyways it has a blind connected to the back and arms that pops up over the top and pulls down in front. ya'll should look them up...just google realtree chair blind. Seems like its going to work great for rifle and shotgun, not quite enough room inside for a fully drawn bow though.
I took it out with me and after doing some scouting and such i set it up on the edge of a field for a bit, just to get a feel for it ya know....Didn't wanna pressure the deer to much so I chose a field that I don't often hunt and doesn't usually hold deer...though it did have some good hog sign. anyways right at dark (approx 8:40 or so) five does and a young buck came out in front of me...Looked to be last years crop with the exeception of one larger doe who seemed to be leading the troop. the buck actually looked like he had seven or eight points, just a small basket type rack but looked like he held great potential. I watched them until I couldn't distinguish them from the tall weeds and then slowly packed up and backed out....Not what I was aiming for tonight but turned out to be more than I could have hoped for, really peaceful, relaxing, and a enjoyable show.
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