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Hunting Man 05-26-2009 08:56 PM

Be carefull
Nearly cut two fingers off with the table saw today. Lucky just some lost meat. I've never had an accident like this in all the years running power equipment. Please be carefull everyone and remember where your fingers are at all times. I had shut the saw off and as it was slowing down I set a board next to the blade with my fingers in front of the board and outch!:bag:

timberghost 05-27-2009 09:25 PM

Stitches??? Hopefully just a band aid.

buckfever 05-27-2009 10:11 PM

That stinks.. I was putting side gates back on a trailer the other day.. (these weigh about 150lbs a piece) And like a moron had my hand on the bottom side of it when the gate slid down into place.. Hurt and swelled like crazy but luckily it smashed it in probably the only place it would be hard to break.. The first bend on the tips of your fingers..

BruceBruce1959 05-28-2009 06:30 AM


Originally Posted by timberghost (Post 28386)
Stitches??? Hopefully just a band aid.

I second what he said.

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