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Things are a bit slow here so lets open for debate the issue of baiting game animals for the sole purpose of harvesting them. First, let me say I've baited many years ago so I do know what its all about. Secondly, I've chosen not to bait as I now do not care to hunt that way. Here's the question: What do the members here feel with regards to legal baiting. Please keep the debate civil and your goal is to convince me that baiting is and should remain an accepted method of legal hunting, or why baiting should be banned. I do not consider food plots baiting if animals are not shot over the plots. Remember this is just a questioniare. Fire away!
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I don't bait because I know how to hunt.
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someone is feeling randy.grin I'll play. look at it this way. is it hunting over a bait if you shoot a deer going to a cut corn field where the corn spills on the ground? Is that hunting a food source? a food plot? bait? Now what if you shoot that same deer on the edge of the field? 30 yards in the woods going to the corn? 100 yards going to the corn? 500yards going to the corn? I don't think hunting over a bait is bad or wrong cause in a way we all do it. natural bait, the oak stand, or man made. what about a water source? man made pond? water tank? what about a decoy? isn't that bait? or the scent from a bottle of a hot doe? everyone hunts over bait. as a hunter its your job to know where the food is and use it to your advantage with an opposable thumb we can put it where we want. the plus side is a hunter's ability to pick and choose the game to take if bait has made the game more predictable. i know that some parts of the country there really isn't any advantage cause the food sources and the travel routes are limited and very predictable. the down side is mature deer can be wary of anything that wasn't there before. baiting for hunting is no different than fishing. there you have it. what do ya think?
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Baiting= Taking a bag of corn etc and dumping it on the ground by a stand

Patterning= Locating food source, locating bedding, locating travel routes, LEARNING

Hunting= Learning how to PATTERN deer and choosing stand location

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I guess im still in the "I dont know" on this topic.. Let me explain why.. I read ronn's post and thought "yeah that all makes sense", but then I read wmi's post and thought "heck thats a good way of looking at it too"

I guess it dont bother me how you do it as long as its done legally for your state. Its not legal in TN so it would tick me off if I knew the farm next to the one Im hunting has bags of corn all over the ground..

If I took the time to build a food plot you better believe Id would put a stand around it if the deer were hitting it..

ronn's point of "doe in heat" being considered bait is a good one.. If you look at it that way its the same as dumping corn on the ground...

wmi's point of "patterning = learning" is darn good one too
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its a "ride in a boat or paddle the boat" type thing. aren't both "someone dumping corn on the ground"? in some places patterning deer isn't as easy as places with beans a corn growing. so a guy creates a food source and pattern deer. kinda like making a jig in wood working. i really could go either way. here's a thought, lots of bear and coyote baiting goes on. so what makes deer so different. why are deer so special. another thing we hunt rabbits and bear and coon and birds with dogs why are deer special? thinking on a pure predator/prey bases. its almost you got to be PC and hunt deer "fair". playing devils advocate here.
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I like baiting/ I do bait. But I bait for the soul purpose of seeing the deer, not harvesting them. But I don't think baiting deer for harvest is as bad as some people may think, hey it actually can add weight, lol - you still have sit in a stand or blind and you are not guaranteed to always see I must say I think that your chances might be better than someone that sits on a trail - but that trail goes somewhere, maybe to corn, or soybeans, or water, it goes somewhere and more than likely to a food source. The thing with baiting is you can have the deer concentrated in one particular spot whereas 'trail hunting' you have to pick a spot and hope the deer come there and do not take take another route. but that's the same thing with baiting you still are not guaranteed to anything...maybe the deer got spooked by a coyote and won't be coming to the corn tonite, or this moring...really I think your chances are ALMOST and I say ALMOST the same as someone who hunts over a trail, you still have to sit just like everyone else and you are NOT guaranteed to see anything - I know I didn't really answer the question but that's my thoughts on the "situation"

Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.
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you have to define baiting before it can be discussed, like ronn said natural food sources are a form of baiting
If you're sitting at the source waiting for the deer to come in to get some, that could be defined as baiting and
here in Vt. a lot of guys try using that explaination as their argument or defense when they get caught.
Some scents/lures can be deemed as illegal here in Vermont also.

from the Vermont Q&A section of the Rules and regulations.
Q: What about scents and lures? Can I use these products?
A: A scent or lure is legal, provided it is not placed or used in such a way that deer can eat or lick it.

that makes products like C'mere Deer and DeerCain and similar products illegal...
The stores are still allowed to sell them,,, I think Vermont should ban such products.

In Vermont Hunting over a natural food source is legal
anything carried in for wildlife consumption is illegal
even if it's something that grows in the wild naturally, like apples.

After you've spent 36 years as a non-baiting hunter, it's hard to accept baiting as a legal means for hunting
but I don't have any I'll feelings or disrespect for hunters using it in areas where baiting is legal.

I like wmi's statement, "I don't bait because I know how to hunt." That's how I roll...

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote.
-Benjamin Franklin

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Baiting changes deer movements, concentrating deer into areas depleting areas of natural brows. What happens when Joe the bucket sitter stops? I'll tell you first hand they leave the area all together. With bait piles what have you learned? Oh I know the deer seem to like the corn from Southern States better than the Coop. Boy learned a lot this season. Oh Ron deer are special here because this is the
I don't like baiting because it is lazy hunting and does nothing to challenge the hunter. It does nothing to increase the hunters knowledge or respect for the animal. We see it on may past posts on this forum. Many posts basically sayng deer are dumb. OR as I look at it they are saying I'm a good smart hunter because I use bait piles.

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baiting is very unhealthy for deer it causes them to congregate in a specific area allowing for disease to be spread easily .In winter time up north deer "yard " up when people feed the deer deer leave the yard and are often attacked by prey animals and they die from exhaustion in the deep snow trying to reach or return from the bait/feed sites.You are doing the deer no favors by feeding them .dont do it

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison.
Genesis 27:3 "The thinking deer hunter should mature through three phases during his hunting life. First phase, "I need to kill a deer." Second phase, I want to harvest a nice deer. And last phase, we must manage this resource so our children and their children can experience the grand tradition of good deer hunting." - Jim Slinsky
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