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Scrub Buck
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dogs and deer

hello just looking for another opinion.i have a friend who has about 250 acres of woods and fields.there are deer there as well as only problem is the dogs.he has a dog he takes on a daily "run" and makes his rounds on all paths through the woods.when they get close to any deer up jumps the dog, runs after the deer for about 40 yards and coms back happy and gets a "atta boy"from the owner.same as turkeys.when they jump them and they take flight im guessing the turkeys are gonna say-boys we need a new place to hang-now he has let a female tennent go walking through the woods with her dogs all summer and thinking that this cant be good for me!!i cant seem to convince him that dogs chasing after deer and running turkey arnt going to be a major effect come hunting season.he has said "oh they get used to dogs and will get used to them".now im new to hunting but i believe you introduce fear or flight to the equasion and you cant help but alter the original path of an animal.whether it is 10 yards or 100 if it knows something is outhere that has chase it ,it is gonna be looking at spending a lot of time and money on foodplots but dont see it working with unscheduled dog visits from her dogs.if they run all summer, wont that effect there eating habits and cause them to be skiddish come hunting season.any help or ideas would be great and thanks in advance!!!!
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hey there, that's a tough deal. I think it'll have a negative effect on the deer and turkeys. Some deer may stick around but the mature deer will probably find some where else. In NH if a CO sees a dog chasing a deer and can figure out who the owner is, the last I knew, they can fine the dog owner $600 and in this case where the dog is encouraged to chase the deer it could be worse. I guess technically the guy is "hunting" deer with a dog out of season. I wouldn't put anything into the place other than the effort to try to get the guy to stop turning the dog loose. Maybe you can use this by finding adjacent property to hunt but then again would YOU be using a dog to deer hunt?? You could always tell a CO but that isn't going to help keep you on the property but it may keep your conscience clear. Sorry not much help.
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Yeah thats a tough one. I wonder though. You said the property is 250 acres right? How much of this do they (dogs and owners) actually trample through on a daily basis? I hunt my bro-in-laws place and he has dogs. Its only 47 acres. The first month or so I would chain them up so they would not happen to walk by my stand while I am hunting. I got weary of doing that every morning. Yes I beleive my deer sightings are down a little because of the dogs but I still continue to see deer. I know where the dogs like to run and have adjusted my hunting to places they do not like to run, hang out, etc. I hunt the outskirts of his land on the side the dogs usually do not run.

I am not saying dogs are fine!!! I think it stinks and especially runs mature deer off but however with you having a bigger area to hunt maybe you can find several hotspots that the dogs do not use. Just an idea. Hopefully you can work that out. Nothing makes me madder than sitting in a stand and having a dog come trotin by to run off some deer. Good luck and welcome to the site.
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I don't think it will have much impact. If the dogs were actually running deer it would be different but I think just jumping them up isn't going to push them off the property. There is a reason they are there wether it's cover or food and it will keep them coming back. The deer will get to know the routine and know where to expect trouble and it may be possible that could actually help you in you hunting.
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I don't know where you are located but here in Vermont, If a Dog chases whitetail deer the dog can be shot, of course it's always best to find the dogs owner and seek other solutions first before shooting the dog. State law allows Vermont law enforcement officers to shoot dogs that are chasing deer, and the dog owner is subject to a $200 fine and loss of hunting and fishing licenses.

an example in Vermont <-click to view story

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since the guy is your friend talk to him .whos property is it?yours or is.if its yours problem solved no dogs allowed if its his well your a guest and got to play by his rules .the deer will get used to the intrusions and probably move into heavy cover but they're not gonna leave if theres food and shelter.good luck.welcome to the forum feel free to ask questions

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Scrub Buck
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hi again.thanks for all your answer a question,im in indiana,the trails go through 3/4 of the property leaving the other 1/4 in a pretty thick hilly area.i know i could go there but the shot would be about 5 yards (pretty thick).he hunts also and has got a nice 150 2 years ago now we have decided to do all these trails and 3 or 4 foodplots to help bring and keep them in is his property and i know im the guest thats why me and a friend are funding all plots ,i was looking for other opinions to show him that it just might not be such a good idea to let his/her dogs blunder through the buckshot says they are there for a reason -however-i would like for them to return during daylight (as that is when you can legally shoot one)instead of all night time moving.i have tried looking in books and magazines for this type of problem to show him in print but couldnt find what i was looking for-seems to me it would be common sense ,that may be why i didnt find that this womans dogs now the walking routine im afraid im going to be sitting there on a perfect crisp november morning waiting for a nice one and look up to see a big black dog grinning at me,and we all know what hunting is after a dog gets done walking through the woods!once again, i thank you for your time and thoughts,any stories or sugestions i will appreciate it.
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If you walked to work everyday and at one point got chased by a dog, would you continue to use the same path??

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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Scrub Buck
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thats more about the answer i was looking for,thanks
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Originally Posted by Southern Man View Post
If you walked to work everyday and at one point got chased by a dog, would you continue to use the same path??
I would shoot the dog!!!! But i guess deer do not have that option huh?
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