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buckfever 02-26-2007 11:43 AM

hunting under fire
did anybody else read the tennessean this past sunday?? in the issues section they dedicated almost 2 full pages discussing hunting and all the laws and people that want it outlawed in our state. it seems like ive read more stuff this year in tennessee newspapers than in years past from all the anti-hunters out there. there numbers are growing every single day. the opinion section forums of the tennessean newspaper has been folks argueing over hunting for the past 6 months. even though i dont see hunting every getting outlawed in our state it still bothers me that other Americans are trying to ban our sport.

if it ever got banned for 1 season these so called animal savers would be beatin hunters doors down to ask them to try to get rid of a superly overpopulated deer herd. if this was an animal that could phisically cause harm to these people like a bear or wild boar i wonder if they would be screaming let them live in their backyard all the time. the first time their teenage daughter plows into a deer driving 80 down the interstate maybe they will change there tune and realize yes its a beautiful animal but we also need to keep the deer population in check. i could go on and on about this but yall already know the reasons why we need to hunt so ill shut up.

critter gitter 02-26-2007 05:48 PM

Look at California the mountain lions eat poeple and they still love them

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