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thefielddude23 04-27-2014 04:06 PM

Turkey talk
MAN turkeys are wonderful. But I cant find the birds. Or at least know where to wait for them. The traditional method is set up on the border of a field and the woods, but how do you know when and where to set up?

Plus, im looking for some good pot and box calls ( im horrible at diaphragm). I mean under 20$ each. I was looking at the raspy old hen by hunters specialties, and they sound good ( went out huntin with a buddy who has it). Anyone got the call, and if you do, is it really good? And anyone know a good pot call under 20$? Help would be greatly appreciated.

timberghost 04-27-2014 06:24 PM

If you see them hanging around a field in the AM or just before dark there is a good chance the area holds birds. Go in while it is still dark and try to listen for light hen yelps while they are all still in the trees. Try getting within 80yds of their location and wait until they start becoming a little more vocal..use light hen yelps and when a tom gobbles give a short, sweet cutting sound to excite the tom a little bit. Don't overcall though, always better not enough than too much. If you're not sure whether or not they are in the area you can always setup and call a little, wait 10-15 mins then call a little, and so on. The birds are always on the move and will most likely travel within hearing range eventually...may be a half hr or 2 hrs but if they are there somewhere just give it time.

on_the_fly 04-27-2014 06:46 PM

Think my first question is.. Are you trying to blind hunt or stock hunt ? Blind hunting you realy need to do some pre season scouting, more than you would need to do for stalking. You would need to be able to set close to a traveled area. Stocking, you could go in while still realy low light with howl call n shock gobble a Tom and locate him n close the distance before they fly down.
Can give much more detail if I knew your idea, as far as calls. Mouth calls take much work to learn, defiantly not the night before buy n use call for anyone. Box calls are great but mostly used on windy days by most because of their loud voice and carry sound much farther, but can call soft with practice. This call will also with a cutting clip sound awesome and add rubber band anhold backwards n most will make a pretty great jake gobble sound. I love pot calls be they are slate, glass. Realy great at yelps, kee Kees, clucks, purring. And most important soft sound.
A bottom dollar pot would be a " lil dues" can get at wal-mart for about 12 bucks I think an is a great call for the money.

gfdeputy2 04-28-2014 06:07 AM

All good advice I had pretty good luck with the Primos "the Freak" crystal call before I went to my custom pot calls it is right around the $20 mark maybe a little more problem I found with store bought calls is everyone has one & they all sond the same the longer I went into the season the less answers I got.

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